Portable Handwash Stations: A Must For Your Event or Site

A handwashing station is a portable sink that can be easily delivered anywhere. It’s a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly way to wash hands without plumbing. Often situated near portable toilets, portable handwash stations are quite versatile and can be located on any site to facilitate good hygiene practices.

Numerous types of portable handwash stations are available, but which is best for your site? Answering this question requires you to understand your options, the nature of the job site, the number of guests or workers present, and health and safety regulations.

Read on to learn more about each of these factors and choose the best handwashing station for your construction site or outdoor event.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Handwashing Station

Choosing the right type and number of handwashing stations for your event doesn’t have to be complicated. It all comes down to the following factors:

  • Size and nature of the site: Where is your event or job located? What is the purpose of the site? Whether at a construction site or public event, identifying this important factor will help you determine the type of station you choose.
  • Anticipated number of users: How many people will work on the job site or attend the event? Pinpointing this number will allow you to choose the right type and amount of hand wash stations.
  • Health and safety regulations: Edmonton and Calgary have certain health and safety regulations for events and job sites. You’ll need to make sure you meet them to avoid being penalized.

Benefits of Renting a Handwashing StationHandwashing stations are an easy and efficient way to ensure that guests or workers maintain proper hygiene. Some of the many benefits of using portable handwashing stations at your site include:

Ensure cleanliness and comfort for all guests

Handwashing is one of the best ways to remove bacteria and avoid bacterial illnesses. It takes less than a minute but can deeply impact the overall health and hygiene of individuals, especially in large crowds.  

Adapt to numerous environments

It’s easy to find an outdoor sink that matches your needs. They are the perfect addition to any outdoor venue. These stations allow attendees and workers to remain in outdoor spaces but have all the benefits of handwashing typically provided by indoor plumbing.

Prevent food contamination

Improper hand washing is one of the leading causes of food and beverage contamination at events. The germs of a single person can impact many guests at your party or event. Proper handwashing means that workers or attendees avoid contaminants.

Give your event a good reputation

A fresh and clean handwashing station (outside of a portable toilet) allows the space, smells, and complete scenario for providing that fresh, clean experience.

Provide an eco-friendly way to sanitize

Portable handwashing stations are designed with the environment in mind. They are durable, portable, and made from recyclable materials. 

Handwashing station between porta pottys at a construction site

Understanding Different Handwashing Stations

As the exclusive Canadian supplier of CLEANHANDS Portable Handwash Stations, Fenceline provides portable and convenient hand washing systems

Whether for your industrial, construction, or education facility, our UV-proof, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grey hand wash stations are durable and flexible for the most demanding environments.

All three models of CLEANHANDS Portable Hand Wash Stations are easy to fill, drain, and clean. Their many features include:

  • A lightweight and easy-to-move build
  • Durable, freshwater, hands-free foot pumps
  • Built-in hand holds
  • Drain ports
  • Labeled filler ports
  • Easy-connect drain lines
  • Easily-accessibly low basin heights

While all three models have these features, each has its own special benefits. 

Square Single Hand Wash Station

The CLEANHANDS Square Single Hand Wash Station is tried and true. At only 10kg, this durable station is lightweight and includes contoured handle grooves on each side for easy portability. 

The streamlined design includes a 60L fresh water tank with a foot pump, an easy-to-access water tank refill location, and a wastewater drain. All key components remain easily accessible yet hidden from view.

Corner Single Hand Wash Station

When space is tight, the CLEANHANDS Corner Single Hand Wash Station is ready to make a big impact. 

Designed primarily for portable toilets and corner locations, the 11kg Corner Single packs many features in its tiny footprint, including a 60L fresh water tank with a foot pump, an easy-to-access water tank refill location, and a wastewater drain.

Super Single Hand Wash Station

Our most popular single basin model, the Super Single Hand Wash Station provides easy access for tank refilling and draining and has quick mounts for soap, towels, and sanitizer. With a 62-litre fresh water tank and 62-litre wastewater tank, it provides ample time between filling and draining.

Corner Double Hand Wash Station

For facilities where safety and maximum cleaning efficiency are paramount, the 31kg CLEANHANDS Double Hand Wash Station boasts all the features of the Super Single with twice the cleaning power. 

This station features a signature CoughShield safety barrier. With its smart design, a large 115L fresh water tank and two 85L waste water tanks remain hidden from view and allow for longer service intervals.

Hand wash station at a construction site

Let FenceLine Help Keep Your Site Clean

Our portable handwashing stations are here to help rescue you from germs and bacteria and ensure your site or event meets local regulations. Handwashing stations are an effective, low-cost, and eco-friendly way to ensure site safety regulations are met and your guests and workers remain clean and comfortable. 

FenceLine Rentals Ltd. offers many services, including handwashing stations, portable toilet rentals, waste management, and temporary fence rentals and sales.

Our team of experts is here to help you make your next gathering or project a success. Call us at 780-720-6300 or use the contact form to secure supplies for your next project in Edmonton or Calgary


Where should handwashing stations be located?

Handwash stations should be located near the entrances and exits of your event, as well as food areas, restrooms, high-traffic areas, waste disposal zones, and first aid stations.

How does a portable hand washing station work?

Portable hand washing stations have a freshwater tank and foot pedal that activates a water pump and delivers water from the tank to the faucet. 

They include a soap dispenser as well as a grey water tank that collects wastewater. Some stations even feature a paper towel dispenser and sanitizer for additional hand hygiene.

Do I need a portable hand washing station for my event?

Yes. In most cases, you will need a portable hand washing station for your outdoor event. It will prevent the spread of germs, ensure compliance with health regulations and food safety, and increase guest comfort.