When planning a large event such as a family reunion, garden party, music festival, or parade, there is a multitude of details to consider. How many people will be attending? How much food and drink will I need? What activities do you need to include? Do I need a permit from the local jurisdiction? What about parking? The list goes on and on.

Portable Toilets

While you’re working on all of that, don’t forget to think about sanitation. You may need to use portable toilets to accommodate all of the attendees. There are some very good reasons why portable toilets are a good solution to this problem.

Portable Toilet Rental in Edmonton

  • Portable toilets are sanitary and safe. You can depend on the rental company to deliver clean, secure, and self-contained toilets.
  • If your event is in an area without sufficient public restrooms, portable toilets are the solution to allow the attendees easy access to sanitary facilities.
  • Portable toilets eliminate the need for long lines at the restroom, and it’s easy to add more toilets as needed.
  • The cost of setting up portable toilets is surprisingly reasonable.
  • Handicap accessibility-Portable toilets are available in special models to accommodate those with disabilities.
  • Compliance with local regulations-There may be certain local regulations in regard to portable toilets. Specifically, there may be required permitting, rules regarding how many toilets you need to have for a certain size crowd, specific guidelines for how long you can leave them up, or how often you would be required to have them serviced.

Handwashing Stations

Since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic, there’s been an emphasis on hygiene and in particular, frequent washing of hands. Many of us learned how to use hand sanitizer for the first time, and it seems that rubber gloves are always in great demand. Enter the portable hand washing station.

If you’ve planned an outdoor event, handwashing stations offer you the opportunity to provide the attendees with fresh clean soap and water as an alternative to hand sanitizer.

The most common variety of hand washing station uses a foot pump to dispense the water. These stations come with soap and paper towels, and importantly, trash bins for the used towels. There are other models that give the choice of hot or cold water. These units however would need a power source both to build pressure and to heat the water, but they can be used for food preparation, first aid, or anything else that requires hot water.

Sanitation for Construction Sites

Providing sanitation facilities for construction sites is very important. If you’re constructing a new building, adding to an existing structure, or completing a remodeling or renovation of a private residence, you’ll need to provide your workers with portable toilets. Portable toilets will help to keep your job site safe, sanitary, and healthy. Here are some advantages to portable toilets on site.

Client privacy-If you’re working on a private residence, you won’t want your workers to be asking the residents for the use of their bathroom, as the client likely wouldn’t want workers going in and out of the house. The use of portable toilets eliminates this problem and makes your company look more professional.

Convenience-Your workers should be able to use the restroom when they need to, and they shouldn’t have to go looking for a public restroom. By having a portable toilet on site, they are able to take care of business and return to the job.

Productivity-Portable toilets were first used in shipyards. The workers would have to go all the way back to the dock to use the restroom, and the time they spent walking back and forth was time wasted. Portable toilets were then developed to allow them restroom breaks and a quick return to work, resulting in increased productivity.

Environmental concerns-Portable toilets are self-contained. The wastes from portable toilets are carried away to treatment plants, and this keeps those wastes from entering storm drains or groundwater. In addition, because they’re not flush toilets, portable toilets conserve a considerable volume of water.

Hand Washing Stations for Construction Sites

Handwashing stations allow construction worker to clean their hands before or after using a portable toilet, or more frequently if needed. They can reduce the risk of health issues which will mean fewer illness-related absences and greater productivity. In addition, providing your workers with handwashing stations tells your employees that you care about their health and welfare.

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