Securing a construction site or event isn’t easy without portable fencing. Also called temporary fencing, it’s a reliable and versatile option to ensure your site remains safe and secure.

Fencing provides safety, security, privacy, crowd control, and more for events and construction sites. You should use a portable fence when you need fencing options that are versatile, durable, cost-effective, and safe.

Keep reading to see if a portable fence is right for your project in Edmonton and Calgary.

Reasons to Rent Portable Fencing

Portable fences are freestanding fences that come in a wide range of widths and heights. While these fences for events and construction sites may be temporary and portable, they’re also incredibly stable and durable when sourced properly.

A portable fence installation makes sense for many different reasons including:

Commercial Construction

Construction and demolition sites must be kept safe and secure at all times, making fencing necessary. Given the peace of mind they offer, temporary fences make great choices for most of these types of projects.

Home Construction

As with industrial projects, residential projects need to be kept safe and secure—whether building a new home, renovating your current home, redoing your yard, or installing a pool.

Public Events and Crowd Control

Controlling a large crowd can be difficult without the help of a fence. Portable fences are a cost-effective and easy way to manage crowds safely. Your guests will thank you when you have systems to keep traffic flowing and any confusion minimized.

And during this time when restaurants are changing how they do business, portable fences can be used to create new and cost-effective outdoor sitting areas.

Pets and Animals

Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a great portable fence. If you don’t have a fenced-in yard and do have safety concerns, then you can use a portable fence to create a custom dog or cat run, kennel, or enclosure.

Renting temporary fences is a great choice for containing your pets during specific periods, like when you’re renovating. FenceLine also sells new and used fence panels so you can make a permanent space for Fido.

Large outdoor event with many people surrounded by fencing

5 Major Benefits of Renting Portable Fencing

When your construction site, project, or event requires fencing, renting a temporary fence is often a good choice. Discover 5 major benefits of renting portable fencing below.

Versatile & Flexible

Portable fences are versatile. They’re sturdy, durable, and easily moved and stored in extreme conditions. Because they are modular and come in a range of widths and heights, they’re also easy to customize. Temporary fencing can be set up in any configuration to meet your needs.


Portable fences are cost-effective. Many projects require fencing, but paying for permanent fencing is often unnecessary. Temporary fencing is less expensive than permanent fencing because its cost is calculated on the exact footage needed.

Enhanced Security & Safety

Portable fences offer site safety and durability. Construction projects will always require a safety plan, and permanent fences aren’t always feasible. 

Temporary fencing protects your construction site from trespassers. When used for an event, temporary fencing keeps out those who are not supposed to be there. What’s more, unlike permanent fencing, temporary fencing doesn’t cause property damage because the installation and removal processes are less invasive to the site.

Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

Local jurisdictions establish specific requirements for construction sites or other events to protect construction worker or participant health and safety.

Easy to Install & Move

Temporary fence systems can be set up and removed very quickly, and are incredibly easy to use. Not only are they user-friendly, but our team at FenceLine Rentals Ltd. can also deliver and set it up for you.

Temporary fence at Edmonton construction site

Secure Your Site With Portable Fencing in Edmonton & Calgary

Temporary fencing is key in keeping your site safe and organized. FenceLine Rentals Ltd. offers a range of high-quality fencing solutions to meet your unique needs. Call us at 780-720-6300 today to learn more about temporary fence rentals in Edmonton and Calgary.


What is portable fencing?

Portable fencing consists of chain link fence sections that can be set up in many different configurations. They temporarily surround an area when a permanent fence isn’t required. 

Depending on customer needs, temporary fencing may be set up to surround any area and the sections can be movable for greater flexibility. Portable fences also often make use of accessories like man gates, vehicle gates, pedestrian barriers, security clamps, and privacy screening.

What is the best option for temporary fencing?

FenceLine offers heavy-duty steel fence panels that are hot-dipped with a galvanized finish, and are built on a square tube frame with welded wire mesh. They’re portable and can stand up to extreme working conditions.