What is Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing is basically a fence that’s not installed permanently. Temporary fencing consists of chain link fence sections supported by feet or braces without supports in the ground.  The sections can be set up in many different configurations to temporarily surround an area when a permanent fence isn’t required. Depending on the needs of the customer, temporary fencing may be set up to surround any area and the sections can be movable for greater flexibility. If desired, temporary fencing can be customized with gates or handrails. Temporary fencing can keep people, children, and pets away from danger, while protecting you or your business from legal liability.

Temporary Fencing in Edmonton

There are many reasons you would need to use temporary fencing, but before we get into its varied applications, know that your local jurisdiction may have certain regulations that would need to be followed in setting up a temporary fence. Check to make sure that the fencing company you use is aware of the guidelines set up by local authorities to make sure you are in compliance.

The cost of temporary fencing is very reasonable because you would only pay for the exact lengths of fencing that you need. It’s much less expensive than permanent fencing.

Applications for the Use of Temporary Fencing in Red Deer, AL

There are many different applications for temporary fencing:

  • Carnivals, concerts, or fairs-When you are hosting these types of events, it’s absolutely critical to control how people enter and exit the location.
  • Commercial sites-Your site’s security represents an important part of your business plan. For many business sites, temporary fencing offers security and privacy, and it also provides a space for posting any legal notices.
  • Construction sites-Safety is paramount in the construction business. For this reason, most construction sites use temporary fencing to keep animals, children and the general public out of harm’s way. Temporary fencing at construction sites serves the additional function of loss prevention. These barriers help to prevent theft of building materials.
  • Entertainment on private property-If you are inviting guests over for a party on your residential or business property, you may want to consider temporary fencing. This will allow parents to keep track of small children, ensure that only invited guests attend, and provide an added layer of security.
  • Parades or demonstrations-Large crowds of people can become difficult to control quickly, especially in emotional situations. Temporary fencing can be used to line a parade route and reduce cross traffic while the parade is in progress.
  • Road Races-It seems that every city and town has road races regularly. Temporary fencing is the ideal solution for keeping cars and other vehicles away from the runners.
  • Traffic Control- When construction projects require parts of roadways to be shut down temporarily, this type of fencing is the perfect solution.
  • Landscaping-If you’re doing a major landscape job at your home, you may want to use temporary fencing to protect the project from children or animals.
  • Dog Runs-Temporary fencing is ideal for setting up dog runs in your yard. They’re easy to move about and they’ll allow you to confine the dog’s activities like scratching or digging to a small space.

When you have a reason to use temporary fencing, you should reach out to the professionals at Fenceline Rentals. They can advise you on the specific products they can supply, tailored to the particular requirements of your project or event.

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