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Fenceline Rentals Ltd. has been a locally-owned business in Edmonton, AB since 1998, supplying events in the area with temporary fence rentals, portable toilet rental, recycling services, dog runs, and much more. We continue to expand our products into new markets, and you can always count on us for reliable service. When you work with us, we strive to establish a relationship with you, which we reinforce with value-added solutions for your event needs. Our company believes in giving back to the community, and we actively donate our services to local charities and not-for-profit organizations every year. If you’re looking for a rental company with a dedication to safety and complete customer satisfaction, put your trust in FenceLine Rentals, Ltd. We have the products you need to keep your events running smoothly.


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Temporary Fence Rentals

When containment and security are concerns at your site, we offer temporary fence rental to ensure the safety of your guests, employees, and property. Our high-quality fences are strong and durable to stand up to extreme working conditions. We also have economy-grade fencing for customers who are cost-conscious. These freestanding fences come in various widths and heights, as well as accessories to add for privacy and safety. Security clamps and privacy screening keep your site safe from prying eyes while pedestrian barriers help to ensure no one wanders onto your property without approval. We proudly provide safe and secure containment for residential, commercial, and industrial job sites.

Portable Toilets for Events

Our wide selection of portable toilets for rental ensures you always have a place to go when nature calls. We stock each unit with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and you can also get full cleaning and on-site pump-outs once a week. Worksites and events of all kinds can find the freshest-smelling portable toilets with FenceLine Rentals Ltd. Our units help you meet health and safety standards with locking doors and urinals, as well as options that are wheelchair accessible. Your toilet will arrive clean and on-time, and we take care of the septic waste disposal.

Waste Management for a Clean Site

Keep your worksite clean the FenceLine Rentals Ltd.’s garbage bin rental for Edmonton, AB-area residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects. We have front load bins, roll-off bins, and tipping hopper rentals. You can choose the option that suits your project’s waste needs. For festivals and events, we offer a large inventory of convenient plastic totes. FenceLine Rentals Ltd. is the waste disposal partner you’ve been looking for to keep your site clean and tidy.

Environmentally Responsible Leed & Recycling

FenceLine Rentals Ltd. is involved with the LEED program to help protect the environment with healthy and green communities. We tailor recycling programs for customers that meet requirements for LEED materials and resources. By collaborating with your project team to create a diversion program and hauling away your material, we help you meet your goals for the program. We also compile the reporting and submit data on a monthly basis to your project team.

Rentals for Special Events

Our company sets the standard in event service. By working according to your pace and schedule, our experienced staff gets the work completed the first time correctly. We keep a strict planning process to ensure you get the exact service you need, and our planning specialist will assist you in coordinating the details. Get all your waste disposal, toilet, and temporary fence rentals taken care of in one place at FenceLine Rentals Ltd in Edmonton & Calgary.

Dog Runs for Happy Puppies

If you need a separate area on your property to keep your pets, we offer custom dog runs that ensure security and space for your furry friends. FenceLine Rentals Ltd. rents out these portable temporary fence panels to give you peace of mind as your pets enjoy their time outside. You can use these dog runs while your property is under renovation, or if you need a secure place for four-legged guests at an event. The easy-to-install panels come in various sizes to contain your pets, and we offer deluxe ‘fancy man’ gates for easy access and security clamps to increase their strength.

3 reasons why

Our Customers Choose FenceLine

Why do customers choose FenceLine?
1. EXPERIENCE: With over 20 years of experience and developing long-term relationships we have earned the trust and respect of Alberta’s leading construction companies.

2. SERVICE: Everyone says “it’s all about the service,” but FenceLine customers know this to be truth. We pride ourselves on the customer relationships we’ve developed through mutual trust, respect and absolute integrity.

3. COMMUNITY: We are committed to building healthy, sustainable communities by donating our services and expertise to not-for-profit organizations and events in Edmonton & Calgary. 

Call Us to Service Your Event

Let the rental experts at FenceLine Rental Ltd. help you keep your worksite or event safe, clean, and running like clockwork. We proudly provide dependable service for customers throughout the Greater Edmonton and Calgary areas, including temporary fence rentals, portable toilets, and waste management. We’re your one-stop rental company for weddings, construction sites, and more. Give us a call today to speak with a member of our team about your rental needs. We’ll schedule service for your outdoor space and show you why customers choose us for rentals.


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