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October 11, 2022by ReachLocal

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing occupational health and safety standards that must be followed by employers. Labour legislation falls primarily under the jurisdiction of Canada’s provinces and territories. However, the federal Labour Program is the occupational health and safety (OHS) regulatory authority for workplaces designated under federal jurisdiction.

To comply with OHS standards, employers must keep the workplace clean, sanitary, and in good repair to eliminate risks to the health and safety of workers.

Job Sanitization in Edmonton

What is Jobsite Sanitation?

  • Employers are required to provide Jobsite sanitation facilities immediately available to all workers. This includes clean drinking water, toilets, waste bins, and washing facilities.

What Does Jobsite Sanitation Involve?

Jobsite sanitation requires the workers to be provided with the following facilities in order to comply with OHS regulations:

  • Fresh water that is safe to drink and meets the quality standards established by the Minister of National Health and Welfare. Any water sources that are not safe for drinking must be labeled as such.
  • Toilet facilities must be provided for all workers.
  • Washing stations are required at all job sites
  • Waste Bins are also required

Portable Sanitation Requirements on a Job Site

Employers are required to provide toilet facilities for all workers. If no sanitary sewer facilities are available at a particular job site, privies, chemical toilets, recirculating toilets, or combustion toilets must be provided.

The number of toilets required is based on the number of workers at the site:

  • 20 workers or less- one toilet
  • 20 or more workers-1 toilet seats and 1 urinal per 40 workers
  • 200 or more workers-1 toilet seats and 1 urinal per 50 workers
  • Under temporary field conditions, not less than one toilet must be available.

If workers are doing any painting, coating, herbicide or insecticide spraying, or any other construction tasks where contaminants may harm them, washing stations must be provided and must meet the following requirements:

  • Each washing station or lavatory must have hot and cold running water or tepid running water
  • Each washing station must have hand soap or similar products. Some work types may require specialized personal cleaning products.
  • Each washing station must have individual hand towels, warm air blowers, or clean individual sections of continuous cloth toweling.
  • Waste bins are also required on every job site, again to keep the work areas safe and clean.

Benefits of Jobsite Sanitation

Jobsite sanitation provides many benefits to workers as well as to employers:

  • Healthy environment-Jobsite sanitation will ensure that all waste is held in one area of your job site and regularly removed by the toilet providers.
  • Employee Satisfaction-Brief bathroom breaks are accommodated by having a sufficient number of portable toilets onsite. This helps the employees to finish their work in a timely manner and without added hassles.
  • Enhanced Productivity-It’s been proven that happy employees are more productive. Having an adequate supply of toilets, washing stations, and potable water makes for a more pleasant working situation.

Why Choose Fenceline Rentals Ltd?

  • Fenceline Rentals Ltd has been serving the Edmonton area for over 20 years.
  • When you choose our company for your Jobsite sanitation needs, you’re choosing a large local company that can provide the smallest or largest job sites with all of the sanitation supplies and equipment needed.
  • We will work with you to ensure that your job site is clean and sanitary and is in compliance with all health and safety regulations.
  • We have earned a solid reputation in the area, and many of our customers have been using our services for 10 years or more.
  • We have over 800 active ongoing projects, but we are able to provide our customers with the personal attention each one deserves.
  • We believe in giving back to the community that we serve, by donating $ 30,000 in services every year to local nonprofits and charities.
  • Whatever your needs, we have a rental option to meet them.

Fenceline Rentals Ltd. has been a locally owned business in Edmonton, AB since 1998, supplying events in the area with temporary fence rentals, portable toilet rentals, recycling services, dog runs, and much more. We continue to expand our products into new markets, and you can always count on us for reliable service. When you work with us, we strive to establish a relationship with you, which we reinforce with value-added solutions for your event needs. Our company believes in giving back to the community, and we actively donate our services to local charities and not-for-profit organizations every year. If you’re looking for a rental company with a dedication to safety and complete customer satisfaction, put your trust in FenceLine Rentals, Ltd. We have the products you need to keep your events running smoothly. For more information, visit our website, or call us at 780-720-6300

October 8, 2022by ReachLocal

What is a Handwashing Station?

Handwashing stations are quite an invention! A Handwashing station is a portable sink that can be easily delivered to any location in order to have a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly way to wash hands without even requiring plumbing.

For several years now our world and its communities have been isolated and cautious. As we begin to reenter our lives with attention to the requirement of a “new normal” after a pandemic, communities are starting to gather in large groups again.  Concerts, school and sporting events, parties, festivals, and more are returning to the calendars and budgets for many people.  However, health and safety are still a concern for us all, as they should be.

FenceLine Rentals Ltd. would like to help you with your event planning needs. Our team is here to help you think through the benefits of things, such as handwashing stations, and how they may provide the safest environment for your outdoor gatherings.

Portable Hand Wash Stations Rental in Edmonton

Many Advantages of Renting Handwashing Stations

Handwashing stations are an easy and efficient way to ensure that the guests at your event are doing as much as they can to maintain that clean hygiene that will prevent the spread of many germs as well as allergens.

Here are some benefits of handwashing:

  • Ensure Cleanliness and Comfort for all Guests
  • Easily Adaptable
  • Prevent Food Contamination
  • Give your event a good reputation
  • An eco-friendly way to sanitize

Ensure Cleanliness and Comfort for all Guests

Handwashing is one of the best ways to remove bacteria and avoid bacterial illnesses.  It takes less than a minute but can deeply impact the overall health and hygiene of individuals and, especially, large crowds.  Not only bacteria, but allergens are removed when washing hands.  Did you know that in allergens, for example peanut butter, hand sanitizer does not remove the proteins that cause an allergic reaction? For the safety of all your guests, the ability to thoroughly wash hands can be a life-saving technique.

Handwashing should be a habit before and after eating, after using the toilet, after blowing your nose or coughing or sneezing, after touching or feeding animals (are you having a petting zoo at your event), and after touching garbage.

Easily Adaptable

Handwashing stations are highly versatile. These outdoor portable sinks have all the advantages of traditional sinks and more. They can be used in any outdoor event, festivals, parties, concerts, weddings, and even construction. It’s easy to find an outdoor sink that matches your needs. They are the perfect addition for any outdoor event, including.  These stations allow attendees and workers to remain outdoors but have all the benefits of handwashing that is typically provided by indoor plumbing.

Prevent Food Contamination

Improper hand washing is one of the leading causes of food contamination at parties. The germs of one single person can impact many guests at your party or event. Proper handwashing means that those who have gathered can stay healthier throughout the event and even after.

Give your event a good reputation

Let’s face it.  Portable toilets have a negative connotation because of their stereotypical smell.  Do your part in changing the portable experience by bringing a portable handwashing station into the equation.  A fresh and clean handwashing station (outside of a portable toilet) allows the space, smells, and complete scenario for providing that fresh, clean experience.  Hand sanitizer may do some work to reduce the spread of germs, but nothing compares to handwashing!

Ecofriendly way to sanitize

Portable handwashing stations are designed with the environment in mind.  They are durable, portable, and made from recyclable material. They protect and care for the environment by making more effective use of water. Portable sinks have their own tank, which allows them to be self-sufficient and work without connection to the sewage networks. Technicians empty these tanks and then transporting the waste to the nearest treatment plant for its correct treatment. It’s a win-win!

Let FenceLine Rentals, Ltd. Help you with your Handwash Station Needs

When plumbing solutions just aren’t feasible, our portable handwashing stations are here to help rescue you from germs and bacteria! Handwashing stations are effective, low-cost, and ecofriendly.

FenceLine Ltd. wants to help ensure that your location is ready for a team of workers or attendees. Our friendly staff have are based in Edmonton and have served the Alberta area since 1998.

We offer many portable services, including handwashing stations, portable toilet rentals, waste management, and temporary fence rentals and sales.

Our team of experts are able to help you make your next gathering or project be the most successful! Please contact us at 780-720-6300 or look us up online at FenceLine Rentals Ltd. so that we may help you learn about the many options that we provide.

February 23, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Fenceline Rentals is your source for industry designed hand washing stations.

As the exclusive Canadian supplier of CLEANHANDS Portable Handwash Stations, Fenceline provides portable and convenient hand washing systems. Whether for your industrial, construction or education facility, our UV-proof, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grey hand wash stations are durable and flexible for the most demanding of environments.

All three models of CLEANHANDS Portable Hand Wash Stations are easy to fill, drain and clean.

They are:

  • lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • include durable, freshwater, hands-free foot pumps
  • built-in hand holds
  • drain ports
  • labeled filler ports and easy connect drain lines
  • have low basin heights for easy access

With numerous styling options available, there is sure to be a model to suit your unique budget and application.

Hand Wash Station Options:

Square Single Hand Wash Station

The CLEANHANDS Square Single Hand Wash Station is tried and true. At only 10kg, this durable station is light weight and includes contoured handle grooves on each side for easy portability. The streamlined design includes a 60L fresh water tank with foot pump, easy-to-access water tank refill location, and waste water drain. All key components remain easily accessible yet hidden from view.

Size: 21.7” x 10.6” x 37.4”

Basin Height inches: 32”

Weight: 10kg

Fresh Water Tank Size: 60L

Waste Water Tank Size: Not Available

Single Handwash Station
Single Handwash Station

Corner Single Hand Wash Station

When space is tight, the CLEANHANDS Corner Single Hand Wash Station is ready to make a big impact. Designed primarily for portable toilets and corner locations, the sleek Corner Single packs many features in its tiny footprint, including a 60L fresh water tank with foot pump, easy-to-access water tank refill location, and waste water drain.

Size: 21.7” x 10.6” x 37.4”

Basin Height inches: 32”

Weight: 11kg

Fresh Water Tank Size: 60L

Waste Water Tank Size: Not Available

Corner Handwash Station
Corner Portable Handwash Station

Double Hand Wash Station

For facilities where safety and maximum cleaning efficiency are paramount, the CLEANHANDS Double Hand Wash Station boasts all the features of the Super Single with twice the cleaning power. This station puts users at less risk than its competitors with our signature CoughShield* safety barrier. With its smart design, a large 115L fresh water tank and two 85L waste water tanks remain hidden from view and allow for longer service intervals.

Size: 30” x 19.6” x 52”

Basin Height inches: 35.6”

Weight: 31kg

Fresh Water Tank Size: 115L

Waste Water Tank Size: 85L

Double Handwash Station
Double Handwash Station


We can ship any size order to anywhere in Canada.

Our location and hours:

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are open M-F 7 am to 4 pm.

Contact Fenceline at 780-720-6300 or fenceline.ca for more details.

Email ol@fenceline.ca for a quote today.


February 8, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Are you looking for a temporary fence for your project?

Whether your project is commercial, industrial, or residential, FenceLine is sure to have what you need. We have 50,000 ft of the fence in stock and will ship anywhere with same-day shipping to most areas.

We offer two grades of fence panels, heavy-duty and economy grade. Heavy duty is our strongest and best-selling fence. The bases are heavy-duty and 34” long with a 1/4” plate. They are an all galvanized finish and have an easy-to-handle welded wire mesh design with 1” overall profile.

The economical residential grade fence is a lighter grade fence with a nice price point. It is also a durable galvanized finish.

Various fence panel sizes and accessories that FenceLine Rentals carries:

  • 4’ wide x 6’ tall
  • 4’ wide x 10’ tall
  • 6’ wide x 6’ tall
  • 6’ wide x 10’ tall
  • 8’ wide x 10’ tall
  • Custom panels available

Our standard gates are 4’ wide and our fancy 4’ gates include a frame.

Extra accessories we carry include castors for vehicle access gates up to 20’ wide, clips and security clamps. Privacy scrim is sized to fit 6’ tall and 8’ tall fence and is stocked in black or green with 90% opacity.

Temporary Fence can provide safety and security on your job site, creating controlled access for sub-trades and vendors.

A temporary fence can also be used for a variety of residential purposes. It can increase security and help you comply with city bylaw for renovations, new home builds, and demolitions. It is also great for dog runs or keeping animals out of your garden.

FenceLine offers full site services across Alberta and we can ship anywhere in Canada. We will be there when you need us with our same and next-day service promise. 24 hour / 7 days a week service is available for emergencies across Alberta (eg. Fire, flood, weather).

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta.

We are open M-F 7 am to 4 pm.

To reach us Phone 780-720-6300

Check out our Website: fenceline.ca/fence for more details

Or email our sales rep at ol@fenceline.ca

Temporary Fence Panels
Stacks of temporary fence panels

January 19, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Where Can Temporary Fence be Installed?

Temporary fence can be installed on virtually any surface. We’ve safely installed temporary fence on rock, dirt, mud, grass, asphalt and concrete. The only challenge when it comes to installing temporary fence is surface pitch. Ideally you want to have as flat and stable a surface as possible. The steeper the grade, the more complex and unsafe an installation becomes.

What lengths and heights of fence does FenceLine carry?

All our fence panels come in 10ft lengths. We offer three unique heights at 4ft, 6ft and 8ft. We also offer gating systems, fabric scrim, and various safety and security accessories. Our broad range of fencing options, safety products and security accessories ensure you get a customized and comprehensive site containment solution to suit the unique needs of your project or job site.

Can I pick up the fence myself?

Yes, if you prefer you can pick up the fence yourself. Fence alway fits best in an enclosed trailer, or flat deck trailer at least 10’ long. The fence will fit in a 6’ long truck box, but is NOT recommended.

Have more questions for us or ready to start your next project with FenceLine? Reach out to us a fenceline.ca or fill out our contact page today.temporary fence panels

January 14, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Did you know that FenceLine Rentals now offers mini septic and mini vacuum truck services in the Edmonton and Metro Area?

FenceLine vacuum trucks have a 900L to 1500L capacity. We can vacuum septic holding tanks, RV’s, plugged drain lines, standing water and other fluids. Call 780-720-6300 to get a quote, fill out our contact page at https://fenceline.ca/contact/ or email sales@fenceline.ca

vacuum truck
Fenceline vacuum truck used for septic services


September 30, 2020by Jasen Robalo

Are you looking for fresh smelling, great looking toilets for your construction or industrial site, festival, sports tournament, or wedding? Our first rate portable toilets will help your project meet health and safety standards and keep employees and the public happy.

Our Products:

Standard Portable Toilet Units – Our most common units are the simplest way to arrange sanitation facilities at your event or job site.

Regular Heated Units (insulated & hard wall) – our two unique winter options, including an insulted R4 toilet with a small space heater, as well as an insulated R12 hard wall toilet with a 1250W baseboard heater.

Compact High-Rise Units – easily lifted by crane and/or elevator, designed exclusively for use at high-rise construction projects.

Wheelchair Accessible Units – are built to ensure the easiest use for anyone who is physically unable to use the standard toilets.

Fresh Water Hand Wash Stations – Help fight Covid-19 with hand wash stations. Fresh water is fed to each sink with a hands-free foot pump. Liquid soap and paper towel dispensers are standard.

Our Service Commitment

On call and regular maintenance schedules.

On-site pump out, full cleaning, and restocking once per week.

We can tailor a custom service schedule for low or high volume units.

24/7 service for all types of emergencies (e.g., fire, flood, weather).

Contact us now for a quote.


Warm Insulated Toilets in Edmonton, AB
Wrapped, Insulated Portable Toilet

Accessible Toilets in EdmontonExecutive Hard Wall Toilets in Edmonton, ABHigh-Rise Toilets in Edmonton


September 22, 2020by Jasen Robalo

Is your dog digging up your garden or flowerbeds? Does your lawn look like a Twister game board with brown spots everywhere? Maybe it’s time to install a dog run?

Dog runs are a great investment for homeowners to allow their dogs to run and play outside without constantly having to supervise them. We know exercise is important to maintain your dogs’ health, but trips to the dog park may not be happening as frequently as you would like.

Our dog runs come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the number of dogs you have and the shape and size of your yard, Fenceline can help you create the perfect dog run to get your pooch outside and running around daily. Need a quote, contact us today: https://fenceline.ca/contact/



August 29, 2020by Jasen Robalo

Need Front Load?

FLR Waste Services is the new front load division of FenceLine. We offer a full line of front load options. These are your most common options when heading onto a commercial or industrial site. These leakproof and fire resistant bins can come in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. These are ideal for a more permanent waste service solution.

Business Owners

FLR has economical service options and flexible contracts. Plus, being locally owned in Edmonton, we’re always here when you need us most.

Property Managers

Reliability and flexibility is what FLR is all about. We offer cardboard recycling options and we can create custom schedules for any property.

Industrial and Warehouse Managers

FLR offers roll off and front load bin options for any facility size. We recycle cardboard and wood and can combine service options for value added savings.

Front load bins, roll off bins, and recycling for most non-hazardous commodities

Whether you have a large industrial project or you are planning a spring cleaning or home renovation project, you can rely on FenceLine to meet your waste disposal and recycling needs.

Front Load Bin Rentals

FenceLine has both 3, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard bins. These types of bins are great for small spaces because they are much smaller than roll-off style bins and they can be easily moved around, which can save you time and labour costs. Scheduled waste collection programs are available.