Portable Toilet Rental in Edmonton, AB

FenceLine offers portable toilet rentals for any construction site or event. When you need premium quality toilets and unmatched customer service, call FenceLine.

FenceLine Rentals Provides Portable Toilets for Your Event

When you have a project at an outdoor worksite, host a family gathering or public event, you need a comfortable restroom for your employees, guests, or attendees to use. In these cases, your best option is to rent portable toilets from a reputable company. FenceLine Rentals can provide you with exactly what you need. We have a large selection of portable toilet rentals for Edmonton, AB worksites, and events. We guarantee our toilets will arrive on time at your location, clean, and ready to use. We can also handle all septic waste disposal if you need the toilets for multiple days. Reach out to us today to book your rental.

The Widest Variety of Portable Toilets

We carry attractive blue units with locking doors and urinals, as well as wheelchair accessible units, crane baskets for high rises, and hand wash stations with fresh water available.

We also provide on-site pump outs and full cleaning once per week. Each unit is stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. We can tailor a service schedule to meet high volume units.

Fenceline portable toilet


It doesn’t matter if your event or project is big or small, we service them all!

Regular Maintenance

We’re always on call and offer regular maintenance including on-site pump out, full cleaning and restocking once per week.

Custom Service

Do you require unique scheduling for low or high volume units? We can create a custom service schedule for you.

24/7 Service

Emergencies happen. We offer 24/7 service for all types of emergencies (ie: fires, floods, weather, etc.)

Heated Service

FenceLine has two unique winter options, including an insulted R4 toilet with a small space heater, as well as an insulated R12 hard wall toilet with a 1250W baseboard heater.

Our Toilet Rental Options

We know that every worksite and event will have different restroom requirements. For outdoor concerts and festivals, basic models will likely be sufficient. Not to mention, they require less space, which makes it easy to put multiple toilets in a single location without sacrificing event space. For outdoor worksites in the winter, you may choose higher-end models that are insulated and sturdy. Whatever your needs, we have a rental option to meet them. Our rental options include all of the following:

  • Executive, hard-wall toilets
  • Warm, insulated toilets
  • Accessible toilets
  • High-rise toilets
  • Hand-wash stations
  • Crane slings


Executive Hard Wall Toilets

These high-quality toilets are great for worksites in any season, even in the winter. Our hard-wall toilets are exceptionally sturdy with a poly tank and base. They come with a 1250-watt force air baseboard heater with a thermostat. This ensures your employees have a warm and comfortable restroom while on the job. The bathroom also features a light, deadbolt locking system, and coat hook. Having this comfortable bathroom on site will help you cut labor costs by encouraging crew members to stay onsite, instead of making frequent trips to the nearby gas station.

Executive hard walled toilet
Portable toilet in cover


Warm Insulated Toilets

Our insulated toilets are the perfect economical solution for heated bathrooms at your worksite. They have a small fore air heater to keep the unit at a comfortable temperature in even the coldest weather. The tough insulated r4 cover fits directly over the portable unit to keep the interior warm. It also features clear side and roof panels, so natural light will still illuminate the space. Our heated and insulated unit will help you maintain productivity at your worksite, as crew members will be able to stay onsite throughout the workday, rather than driving to offsite facilities for restroom use.


Accessible Toilets

Our wheelchair accessible model is our largest portable restroom, designed specifically for individuals who use wheelchairs. The wider doorway and ground-level floor access make this unit easy to access by wheelchair. The unit also features smooth handrails inside, and the door is self-closing. The extra interior space also makes this an excellent option for family events where children will be accompanied by a parent. These specially designed toilets will ensure your event is fully accessible for all individuals.

Accessible toilet
highrise toilets


High-Rise Toilets

We offer both standard and premium models of our high-rise toilets, which are designed specifically for use at high-rise construction sites. These units are much smaller and lighter, making them easy to lift by crane or elevator into higher portions of the building construction. At only 84 centimeters wide, they can be easily fit through doorways and onto elevators, so you can move them as needed. The premium version of our high-rise toilet has a fully private enclosure with a urinal inside the enclosure. It also features a sliding mechanism that allows it to be lowered enough to fit through a standard doorway. Even with their smaller size, our high-rise models still offer enough interior space to be comfortable.


Hand Wash Stations

Hand washing is essential after using the bathroom, especially if you’re hosting an event where there will be food. Your employees or event guests will appreciate the addition of a handwashing station outside the portable toilets. FenceLine Rentals offers two-station, hand-washing facilities for rent along with our toilet options. These units use freshwater that is pumped to each sink with a hands-free foot pump. These stations provide everything needed to promote general hygiene as liquid soap and paper towel dispensers are standard with each station rental.

Crane sling

Crane Slings

At construction sites, we understand that you may have to frequently move your toilet to accommodate building schedules and space. We make moving the unit easy with our rentable crane slings. These slings fit around our standard portable toilet units allowing them to be easily lifted and moved around the site by your crane. The process of installing the sling around the unit is simple and easy, which helps you make quick work of relocating your toilet on the Jobsite.

Types of Events to Use Portable Toilets

Our portable toilets are very versatile in terms of the types of events and projects they can be used for. We offer a range of rental options to ensure every customer has a choice that will meet their needs. Our team can help you choose the right option for your event. Our customers frequent use our portable toilet rental for all the following:

  • Construction projects
  • Outdoor worksites
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Outdoor family gatherings

Benefits of Portable Toilets

Portable toilets provide plenty of benefits, making everything easier for you. First and foremost, they provide a comfortable place for employees or guests to use a bathroom. Secondly, they help keep your productivity in check. If you have a job at a remote worksite, you can’t have your workers leaving frequently to find a bathroom. A portable toilet will solve that issue. In addition, they also help events run smoother by providing more options for guests so that they don’t have to spend a significant amount of time waiting in line for a single bathroom.

Contact Us

If you are planning a construction project or hosting an outdoor event in Edmonton, AB, you don’t want to forget about restrooms. They are a necessary requirement for any location with limited or no bathroom resources. Our team is here to help you solve this dilemma with our selection of portable toilet rentals. Please reach out to us today to discuss your restroom rental needs or to discuss our other rental services for temporary fencing, custom dog runs, and garbage bins.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Portable Toilets

Do the toilets have a sink?

No, the toilets do not have sinks because sink water fills the toilet units up too quickly. Instead, each unit comes with a hand sanitizer dispenser with foam sanitizer. Hand washing stations can be rented separately.

Will the toilet smell?

Our blue deodorizer will control the smell very well.

Will the toilets freeze up in the winter?

We use a salt brine solution to help keep the toilet contents from fully freezing. We also stock the urinal with rock salt.

Does the portable toilet lock?

Yes the portable toilets lock. The door is lockable when in use. We can also supply locking hasps and locks to lock the unit from the outside when not in use.

What colours of portable toilets does FenceLine carry?

The majority of our portable toilet units are light blue, while a few are dark blue.

How many people can use a toilet?

Typically, one portable toilet unit is sufficient to sustain 8 to 10 workers over the course of a normal 40-hour work week.

Do you carry any specialty portable toilet units and accessories?

Yes, in addition to our standard portable toilet units we also carry women’s toilets, “executive” heated units as well as wheelchair accessible units, crane baskets for high rises, and hand wash stations with fresh water.

Do your portable toilets come with sanitizer dispensers?

Yes, all our portable toilets come with sanitizer dispensers.

How do you suck out and service my toilet?
With this! We have a vacuum truck that will suck out the toilet tank, we carry fresh water and all the supplies in each truck to keep your toilet clean.
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