Outdoor events go on throughout the year in Calgary and the surrounding areas—from spring markets and summer concerts to fall Halloween fun houses and winter ice sculpture competitions. Calgary has a dynamic mix of events, but there’s one thing they all have in common: they require temporary fencing

Temporary fencing comes with a range of benefits such as customization, security, and safety. Depending on your needs, owning temporary fencing will bring even more benefits and simplify your Calgary event in the following ways:

  • Streamlined Logistics & Planning
  • Cost Control & Budget Predictability
  • Customization & Branding Consistency
  • Increased Flexibility in Event Design
  • Preparedness for Last-Minute Opportunities
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Reduced Paperwork & Admin Overhead

Coming up, we’ll explore the many events and purposes temporary fencing fits and how buying versus renting a temp fence can simplify event management.

How Buying Temporary Fencing Simplifies Calgary Events

If you’re managing public events, event space, or have a recurring event, you’ve likely rented temporary fencing before. Temporary fence rentals have many benefits, and while they can be incredibly convenient, sometimes, buying fencing just makes more sense. 

Owning temporary fencing is the better solution if you:

  • Use it frequently
  • Have a long-term project
  • Have custom requirements
  • Need immediate availability
  • Want control over maintenance
  • Prefer a one-time cost
  • Want asset ownership
  • Have storage capabilities
  • Want to avoid rental shortages

With all of these advantages in mind, how exactly does owning temporary fencing simplify your event management? Considering the value that fencing brings to the table, it can positively affect event organization and management in numerous ways.

1) Streamlined Logistics & Planning

Owning temporary fencing eliminates the need to coordinate with rental companies for each event, which can be a time-consuming process involving negotiations, availability checks, and managing delivery and pickup schedules. 

You can plan more efficiently and flexibly, as you’ll have direct access to the fencing whenever you need it. This direct access allows for quicker response times to changes in event layouts, unexpected needs, or last-minute adjustments, ensuring that the preparation phase is smoother and less stressful.

2) Cost Control & Budget Predictability

With the elimination of rental fees, delivery charges, and other associated costs, owning temporary fencing provides a fixed asset on the balance sheet, making budget management more predictable. 

Over time, the cost of purchasing fencing can be less than repeatedly renting, especially for organizations that host numerous events throughout the year. This one-time investment helps stabilize financial planning and can free up funds for other aspects of event management, such as enhancing event marketing or amenities.

3) Customization & Branding Consistency

When organizers own their fencing, they have the opportunity to customize it to suit specific event themes or to align with corporate branding requirements. This can include painting fences in specific colors, attaching customized banners, or configuring the layout precisely to fit different spaces and event types. 

Such customization helps in maintaining a consistent brand image across all events, enhancing the professional appearance and potentially increasing brand recognition among attendees.

4) Increased Flexibility in Event Design

Having your own stock of fencing provides the flexibility to experiment with different layout designs or to adapt the fencing configuration to uniquely shaped venues or unusual event spaces. This adaptability can be a significant advantage when customizing events to meet specific client needs or when trying to maximize the use of a particular venue.

5) Preparedness for Last-Minute Opportunities

Owning fencing means being able to respond quickly to last-minute opportunities for events without the delay of sourcing and waiting for rental fencing. This readiness can be especially advantageous in a competitive market where the ability to act fast can secure lucrative event contracts.

6) Reduced Environmental Impact

By owning fencing and reusing it for multiple events, organizers can reduce the environmental impact that comes with transporting and frequently installing new materials. This approach supports sustainability initiatives and may appeal to eco-conscious sponsors and attendees.

7) Reduced Paperwork & Admin Overhead

Managing rentals frequently involves paperwork, including rental agreements, insurance documentation, and compliance with vendor-specific requirements. Owning fencing cuts down on this administrative overhead, simplifying the operational aspects of event management.

Events That Need Temporary Fencing in Calgary

Large outdoor event with many people surrounded by fencing

A lot is going on in Calgary and the surrounding areas. From the Big Winter Classic in January to the Lilac Festival in June and beyond, temporary fencing serves an important purpose for all. 

Types of events that need temporary fencing in Calgary include:

  • Concerts & Music Festivals
  • Fun Runs & Marathons
  • Sporting Events
  • Cultural Festivals
  • Community Fairs & Markets
  • Corporate Events
  • Parades & Public Celebrations
  • Film & TV Productions

As an event organizer, you have guidelines to follow to ensure public safety, asset security, event exclusivity, and more. This makes temporary fencing one of the most important tools you can have.

Benefits of Temporary Fencing for Calgary Events

Can you imagine an outdoor concert without temporary fencing? It would be a chaotic, unsafe, and unorganized scene. That’s one of the reasons outdoor events like concerts have safety codes, standards, and permits that event organizers must adhere to and procure.

  • Crowd Control: Temporary fencing helps manage and guide crowds efficiently, ensuring that attendees remain within designated safe areas. It’s essential for controlling entry and exit points at events, which helps prevent overcrowding and enhances the overall visitor experience.
  • Security: By securing the perimeter of an event, temporary fencing prevents unauthorized access and reduces the risk of theft or vandalism. This is particularly important in large public gatherings like concerts or festivals.
  • Safety: Fencing serves as a barrier to protect attendees from potential hazards, such as nearby traffic, construction sites, or natural elements like rivers or cliffs. It also helps in creating safe zones, particularly for events involving children.
  • Ticketing & VIP Areas: Temporary fencing is used to delineate specific areas within a larger event space, such as VIP sections, backstage areas, or zones that require special access. This helps maintain order and ensures that only ticketed or authorized persons can enter these areas.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Many events are required to have fencing to comply with local safety codes and insurance requirements. Temporary fencing helps event organizers meet these regulations, ensuring the event can proceed without legal complications.
  • Flexibility & Adaptability: Temporary fencing can be quickly erected and reconfigured as needed, allowing for last-minute changes in layout or to adapt to unexpected situations during an event.
  • Branding Opportunities: Modern temporary fencing options can be aesthetically pleasing and customized with banners or branding, contributing to the event’s atmosphere and helping sponsors gain visibility.
  • Privacy: For private events or areas within public events where privacy is valued, temporary fencing shields activities from public view, creating an exclusive environment.
  • Alcohol Management: For events serving alcohol, temporary fencing is crucial in creating a controlled environment that complies with licensing laws, helping to contain alcohol consumption in designated areas.
  • Cleanliness & Organization: Fencing can help contain waste and facilitate easier cleanup by confining the event to a specific area. It also helps organize different activities within the event space.

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What is the cost difference between buying and renting temporary fencing?

It depends on the frequency and duration of use. Renting temporary fencing requires a recurring fee. This can be cost-effective for short-term needs. On the other hand, buying temporary fencing is more economical for long-term needs—especially if the fencing is used frequently.

What maintenance is required for temporary fencing?

Temporary fence maintenance includes regular inspections, cleaning, rust prevention, damage repair, and component replacement. You should store fence panels and hardware in a dry, secure place to avoid moisture exposure.