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FenceLine offers temporary fence systems to create your own custom dog run, kennel or animal enclosure. When you need premium quality product and unmatched customer service, call FenceLine.


Let Your Dogs Run While Keeping Them Secure

As a pet owner, your main priority is keeping your furry friend safe. If you live on a large property or have a yard without perimeter fencing, you may be hesitant to let your dog off-leash for fear they may run too far. However, you likely still want your dog to feel like they have the freedom to run, jump, and play. A dog run fence provides your pet with space to run while keeping them safely contained. FenceLine Rentals ensures your dog gets the best of both worlds with our dog run fencing in Edmonton, AB that allows you to create a separate secure area for your four-legged friend to stretch his legs and run off some energy. We have numerous fencing options, so you can customize your dog run to your exact needs. Contact us today to learn more about our options.


Our dog run fence systems are made of the same high-quality materials as we use in our commercial and industrial applications. We always have a wide selection of sizes, parts and accessories to choose from AND we offer SAME-DAY SHIPPING.

Any Size

Mix and match your panels to make any size of dog run or animal enclosure.


No matter the budget, we have a wide selection of new, used, heavy duty, and economy fence panels to choose from.


FenceLine is known for its “anytime, anywhere in Alberta“ promise. Need us to deliver? No problem. Prefer to pop in and pick up? Self service is an option too.

The Value You Want & Selection You Need

Whether you are looking to create a permanent space for your dog on your property, or you need temporary fencing while renovations are completed, FenceLine Rentals offers a selection of fencing and gate options at an affordable price. Our portable, secure, and temporary fence panels are the perfect economical solution for homeowners on a budget. Not to mention they give you added peace of mind that your pet is safe during their time outdoors.

Benefits of a Dog Run

Installing a dog run at your home can provide both you and your furry friend with several benefits. You’ll quickly see why so many homeowners opt for this addition if they have a very large property or no perimeter fencing around their yard. A dog run fence ensures your pet stays in one location where you can keep an eye on them. Some of the additional benefits a dog run can provide include:


  • Safety: If you have a pet that likes to run free as soon as they see a chance, you likely can’t trust them off a leash. A dog run keeps your pet safe by ensuring they stay away from any roads of people who may try to steal them.
  • Exercise: All dogs need a healthy dose of exercise every day. It’s good for their health and your sanity. Letting your dog run off some energy outside will ensure they are calm and ready to relax when it’s time to go into the house.
  • Well-Being: Being cooped up inside all day is not good for your dog’s well-being. A dog run will let them get some fresh air and play so they feel happier at the end of the day.

Selecting the Best Fence for Your Dog

Every pet is different when it comes to their dog run needs. You may have a very active dog who needs a long stretch to run back and forth, or you may have a dog that simply likes to bask in the sunshine. You’ll want to be sure you are able to choose the right size and style of fencing for your dog run. Be sure to consider all these items when choosing a fence for your dog:


  • Pet Size: The size of your dog will determine the height of the fencing you need. For small pets, we have four-foot-tall panels. For average-sized pets, we recommend our six-foot-tall panels. And for large dogs, we recommend our eight-foot-tall panels, which are made of galvanized wire and a middle bar for added strength.
  • Running Space: If your pet likes to run and play, you’ll want to be sure you invest in enough panels to create a long space for them to get up to full speed. Our portable dog run fencing offers numerous configurations. Put as many panels together as you need to create enough space for your dog to stretch his legs.
  • Energy Level: If your pet is high energy and loves to jump or run, you’ll want to be sure your fencing accommodates that. Be sure to get fencing that is tall enough to contain those crazy jumpers and strong enough to hold in those large and powerful breeds.

Why Choose a Dog Run from FenceLine?

If you’re in the market for a dog run for your property, you should only consider the best options. Products from FenceLine are the right choice for your dog run in Edmonton, AB. Our portable, secure, and temporary fence panels provide an economical solution to contain your pets and give you peace of mind that they are safe while outside. Choose a dog run from FenceLine for the following reasons.


  • Our panels are easy to install and provide an endless variety of configurations. Create a truly customized dog run for your furry friend.
  • We offer security clamps for increased strength to fully secure large and strong dogs.
  • Our fencing is versatile. While it can provide a safe space for your dog to run, it can also be used to keep deer, elk, and other wildlife out of your garden.

Available Panel & Gate Sizes

As mentioned previously, we have numerous panel and gate options, which allow you to customize and configure your dog to run however you like. Our team can help you choose the right option based on your specific needs. We offer the following panel and gate sizes:

Panel Sizes

  • 4’ tall x 10’ wide (great for small pets)
  • 6’ tall x 2’ wide
  • 6’ tall x 4’ wide
  • 6’ tall x 6’ wide
  • 6’ tall x 10’ wide (standard size)
  • 8’ tall x 10’ wide (perfect for big dogs/wildlife)

Gate Sizes

  • 6’ tall x 4’ wide (basic gate)
  • 6’ tall x 4’ wide (deluxe gate)

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in learning more about our dog run fencing options, please feel free to reach out to the team at FenceLine Rentals. We also provide many other rental items, including portable toilets, garbage containers, and recycling services. We offer some of the best rental items at affordable prices. Please contact us today to book your rental.

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