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June 30, 2021by Jasen Robalo

White picket fences may be beautiful, but they’re far from ideal for many uses. When it comes to many commercial, industrial or residential projects, temporary fencing is often the best choice.

You should use a portable fence when you need fencing options that are versatile, durable, cost effective and safe. Portable fencing is often used in construction projects and for crowd control at events, and it has many other uses as well.

Keep reading to see if a portable fence is right for your project.

What Is A Portable Fence?

Portable fences are freestanding fences that come in a variety of widths and heights, depending on your needs. Don’t be fooled: these fences may be temporary and portable, but when sourced properly, they’re also incredibly stable and durable.

For example, FenceLine offers heavy-duty steel fence panels that are hot-dipped with a galvanized finish, and they are built on a square tube frame with a welded wire mesh. They’re portable, and also able to stand up to extreme working conditions.

Portable fences also often make use of accessories like man gates, vehicle gates, pedestrian barriers, security clamps and privacy screening.

When & Why To Use A Portable Fence

There are many times when having a portable fence installed is a good choice. Overall, there are four popular reasons to use a temporary fence:

1. For Commercial Construction

Construction and demolition sites must be kept safe and secure at all times, making fencing a necessity. Given the cost and energy-savings they offer, temporary fences make great choices for most of these types of projects.

Moreover, when you work with FenceLine on your commercial project fencing, you have options to equip your fence with additional safety projects and security accessories.

2. For Home Construction

Just like with industrial projects, residential projects need to be kept safe and secure – whether that’s building a new home, renovating your current home, redoing your yard or installing a pool.

Remember that security clamps and privacy screening can add extra privacy to more sensitive projects.

3. For Public Events and Crowd Control

Crowd control has never been more important. Portable fences are a cost-effective and easy way to manage crowds safely. Trust us: your guests will thank you when you have systems in place to keep traffic flowing and any confusion to a minimum.

And during this time when restaurants are changing how they do business, portable fences can be used to create new and cost-effective outdoor sitting areas.

4. For Pets and Animals

Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a great portable fence. If you don’t have a fenced-in yard, if you have safety concerns, or if you just don’t want to give your pet full reign in your yard, then you can use a portable fence to create a custom dog or cat run, kennel or enclosure.

Renting temporary fences make great choices for containing your pets during limited times, like when you’re renovating. We also sell new and used fence panels, depending on your budget, so that you can make a permanent space for Fido, too.

Top Reasons To Choose A Portable Fence

So that’s when you should consider a portable fence. And the reasons why you should choose a portable fence are simple.

First, portable fences are versatile. They’re sturdy and durable for even extreme conditions, but they can also be easily moved and stored. Because they are modular and come in a variety of widths and heights, they’re also easy to customize.

Second, portable fences offer safety and durability. There will always be projects that require the safety of a fence, but of course permanent fences aren’t always feasible. Portable fences can keep you and your team safe and secure on a variety of projects.

Third, portable fences are cost-effective. Again, many projects require fencing, but paying for permanent fencing is often not necessary.

Finally, portable fences are incredibly easy to use. Not only are they user-friendly, but our team can also deliver and set it up for you if you prefer.

At FenceLine, we have no minimum orders, and we offer straight-forward pricing and volume discounts on our portable fences. We have rentals and also sell fence panels, and we offer full site services across Alberta. Please call us at (780)720-6300 or email jr@fenceline.ca for a quote or to learn more.


April 16, 2021by Jasen Robalo

You’ve seen it everywhere. Temporary fence around a new industrial warehouse being constructed, surrounding an empty lot, around a demolition site, or even at event sites to help direct crowds.

Safety and Durability

There are many practical industrial, commercial, and residential applications for temporary fence. When safety and security are concerns at your site, temporary fences can ensure the safety of your guests, employees, and property. Our high-quality fences are galvanized, making them strong and durable to stand up to extreme working conditions. We also offer economy-grade fencing for customers who are cost-conscious.


The modular quality of temporary fence makes them extremely versatile. These freestanding fences come in various widths and heights, allowing you to configure many shapes and customized spaces you require. FenceLine also carries accessories to add for privacy and safety, such as privacy panels, gates, couplers, and heavy duty bases.

Pick it up and set up yourself or have it delivered and set up by us. Fence is in stock, come to our facility to see it for yourself. We have no minimum orders, straight forward pricing and volume discounts. We can ship anywhere in North America.

FenceLine offers full site services across Alberta. We will be there when you need us with our same and next-day service promise. 24 hour / 7 days a week service is available for emergencies across Alberta (eg. Fire, flood, weather).

It is clear from our company name, FENCELINE RENTALS, that we rent temporary construction fences, but we also SELL temporary fence. For long term usage, purchasing fence panels may be the right option for you. Call or email us today for a quote. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are open Mon.-Fri. 7 am to 4 pm. To reach us Phone 780-720-6300. Check out our Website: fenceline.ca/fence for more details or email our sales rep at ol@fenceline.ca.


April 6, 2021by Jasen Robalo

FenceLine Rentals is so proud to be a part of the $165 million Fort Edmonton Park Enhancement Project. We providing our services with a fence, toilet, and waste rentals as a Clark Builders contractor to work on Enhancement Projects like The Indigenous Peoples Experience, the Expansion of the 1920s-style Midway, constructing a new front entry plaza, and guest services area, and the expansion of the Hotel Selkirk.

We love improving our community with projects like the Fort Edmonton Park Enhancement, and we are proud to be your direct line for portable fencing, toilets, and waste disposal in Edmonton.

Visit us at http://fenceline.ca to learn more about our services and projects.


March 23, 2021by Jasen Robalo

The cost of a portable toilet varies based on site location, service frequency and site accessibility. When renting a portable toilet from FenceLine Rentals, you can expect to pay for delivery charges, cleaning service calls and the unit rental rate. On average, the cost is $135-$155 per month for one standard portable toilet.

The monthly charge includes weekly servicing and supplies for the portable toilet. Every FenceLine toilet is stocked with toilet paper, deodorizer and hand sanitizer with alcohol in it. Cleaning services include restocking supplies, vacuuming out the tank, scrubbing the walls, tank and floor.

In Edmonton and area, you can expect to pay on average the following amounts:

  • $135-$155 per month for a Standard Portable Toilet with weekly service
  • $250-$275 per month for a Handicap Accessible Toilet
  • $85-$125 per weekend for a Special Event Unit

We also offer additional options for most of our portable toilet rentals – hand wash stations and stakes to keep the unit in place.

How Can I Rent a Portable Toilet?

When you’re ready to rent a portable toilet, contact FenceLine Rentals here. Information you’ll need:

  1. Dates of the rental
  2. How many portable toilets you think you’ll need (click here to use our portable toilet estimator
  3. Types of portable toilets you’d like to rent
  4. Address for where the toilet(s) will be placed                                                               

FenceLine Rentals offers many cleaning and maintenance schedules for our units, and we have a wide variety of types of portable toilets so you can select the right option for your needs. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ about portable toilet rentals or reach out to us here.

Portable Toilets
portable toilet

February 23, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Fenceline Rentals is your source for industry designed hand washing stations.

As the exclusive Canadian supplier of CLEANHANDS Portable Handwash Stations, Fenceline provides portable and convenient hand washing systems. Whether for your industrial, construction or education facility, our UV-proof, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grey hand wash stations are durable and flexible for the most demanding of environments.

All three models of CLEANHANDS Portable Hand Wash Stations are easy to fill, drain and clean.

They are:

  • lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • include durable, freshwater, hands-free foot pumps
  • built-in hand holds
  • drain ports
  • labeled filler ports and easy connect drain lines
  • have low basin heights for easy access

With numerous styling options available, there is sure to be a model to suit your unique budget and application.

Hand Wash Station Options:

Square Single Hand Wash Station

The CLEANHANDS Square Single Hand Wash Station is tried and true. At only 10kg, this durable station is light weight and includes contoured handle grooves on each side for easy portability. The streamlined design includes a 60L fresh water tank with foot pump, easy-to-access water tank refill location, and waste water drain. All key components remain easily accessible yet hidden from view.

Size: 21.7” x 10.6” x 37.4”

Basin Height inches: 32”

Weight: 10kg

Fresh Water Tank Size: 60L

Waste Water Tank Size: Not Available

Single Handwash Station
Single Handwash Station

Corner Single Hand Wash Station

When space is tight, the CLEANHANDS Corner Single Hand Wash Station is ready to make a big impact. Designed primarily for portable toilets and corner locations, the sleek Corner Single packs many features in its tiny footprint, including a 60L fresh water tank with foot pump, easy-to-access water tank refill location, and waste water drain.

Size: 21.7” x 10.6” x 37.4”

Basin Height inches: 32”

Weight: 11kg

Fresh Water Tank Size: 60L

Waste Water Tank Size: Not Available

Corner Handwash Station
Corner Portable Handwash Station

Double Hand Wash Station

For facilities where safety and maximum cleaning efficiency are paramount, the CLEANHANDS Double Hand Wash Station boasts all the features of the Super Single with twice the cleaning power. This station puts users at less risk than its competitors with our signature CoughShield* safety barrier. With its smart design, a large 115L fresh water tank and two 85L waste water tanks remain hidden from view and allow for longer service intervals.

Size: 30” x 19.6” x 52”

Basin Height inches: 35.6”

Weight: 31kg

Fresh Water Tank Size: 115L

Waste Water Tank Size: 85L

Double Handwash Station
Double Handwash Station


We can ship any size order to anywhere in Canada.

Our location and hours:

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are open M-F 7 am to 4 pm.

Contact Fenceline at 780-720-6300 or fenceline.ca for more details.

Email ol@fenceline.ca for a quote today.


February 8, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Are you looking for a temporary fence for your project?

Whether your project is commercial, industrial, or residential, FenceLine is sure to have what you need. We have 50,000 ft of the fence in stock and will ship anywhere with same-day shipping to most areas.

We offer two grades of fence panels, heavy-duty and economy grade. Heavy duty is our strongest and best-selling fence. The bases are heavy-duty and 34” long with a 1/4” plate. They are an all galvanized finish and have an easy-to-handle welded wire mesh design with 1” overall profile.

The economical residential grade fence is a lighter grade fence with a nice price point. It is also a durable galvanized finish.

Various fence panel sizes and accessories that FenceLine Rentals carries:

  • 4’ wide x 6’ tall
  • 4’ wide x 10’ tall
  • 6’ wide x 6’ tall
  • 6’ wide x 10’ tall
  • 8’ wide x 10’ tall
  • Custom panels available

Our standard gates are 4’ wide and our fancy 4’ gates include a frame.

Extra accessories we carry include castors for vehicle access gates up to 20’ wide, clips and security clamps. Privacy scrim is sized to fit 6’ tall and 8’ tall fence and is stocked in black or green with 90% opacity.

Temporary Fence can provide safety and security on your job site, creating controlled access for sub-trades and vendors.

A temporary fence can also be used for a variety of residential purposes. It can increase security and help you comply with city bylaw for renovations, new home builds, and demolitions. It is also great for dog runs or keeping animals out of your garden.

FenceLine offers full site services across Alberta and we can ship anywhere in Canada. We will be there when you need us with our same and next-day service promise. 24 hour / 7 days a week service is available for emergencies across Alberta (eg. Fire, flood, weather).

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta.

We are open M-F 7 am to 4 pm.

To reach us Phone 780-720-6300

Check out our Website: fenceline.ca/fence for more details

Or email our sales rep at ol@fenceline.ca

Temporary Fence Panels
Stacks of temporary fence panels

February 2, 2021by Jasen Robalo

FLR Waste Services, the new division of Fenceline Rentals, is a dependable, local waste management company to support your waste needs. We can help with waste disposal in commercial & business sectors, construction & demolition, residential and municipal areas.

Commercial & Business

We can customize a waste management plan for your office, store, hotel, restaurant, hospital or education centre. FLR Waste Services can work with your budget and schedule to serve your waste collection needs.

Construction & Demolition

Whether it’s wood, drywall, plastic, cardboard or any other common construction or demolition material, we’ve got your garbage bin rental, waste disposal and recycling needs covered.


We’ve supported hundreds of renovation projects over the years and have the experience to help you determine the right garbage bin rental program for yours.


Our dependable, local waste management company can support your municipal curb side garbage and recycling programs. From full-service, curb side collection and waste disposal to garbage bin rental and placement programs, we have multiple levels of service we can provide for your municipality.

FLR ensures all curb side and multi-family waste, recycling and organics collection is done safely and economically. We also commit to abiding by the highest standards in waste and materials management, so your objectives meet regulatory compliance, as well as the safety standards of our community.

Unsure of what type of garbage bins to rent? Not to worry. One of our service representatives will help you customize the right waste disposal or recycling solution for your needs. Contact us at info@flrwaste.com

logo for FLR Waste Services
logo for FLR Waste Services


January 25, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Hellooo, Edmonton!

Our new division is HERE!

FenceLine has created a new division called FLR Waste Services. Fenceline Rentals Ltd. has been a locally-owned business in Edmonton, AB since 1998, supplying customers in the area with temporary fence rentals, portable toilet rentals, recycling services, dog runs, and much more. We continue to expand our products into new markets, and you can always count on us for reliable service. FLR Waste Services is our new front load division.

FLR Waste Services (FLR) is a locally owned garbage bin rental, waste disposal and recycle collection business servicing the Greater Edmonton Area. We’re easy to work with, have simple contracts, flexible service and integrity in all we do. Ultimately, we save you time and money with your garbage bin rental, waste disposal and recycle collection needs.

We keep waste disposal simple, economical and local. Reach out to us at info@FLRwaste.com

January 19, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Where Can Temporary Fence be Installed?

Temporary fence can be installed on virtually any surface. We’ve safely installed temporary fence on rock, dirt, mud, grass, asphalt and concrete. The only challenge when it comes to installing temporary fence is surface pitch. Ideally you want to have as flat and stable a surface as possible. The steeper the grade, the more complex and unsafe an installation becomes.

What lengths and heights of fence does FenceLine carry?

All our fence panels come in 10ft lengths. We offer three unique heights at 4ft, 6ft and 8ft. We also offer gating systems, fabric scrim, and various safety and security accessories. Our broad range of fencing options, safety products and security accessories ensure you get a customized and comprehensive site containment solution to suit the unique needs of your project or job site.

Can I pick up the fence myself?

Yes, if you prefer you can pick up the fence yourself. Fence alway fits best in an enclosed trailer, or flat deck trailer at least 10’ long. The fence will fit in a 6’ long truck box, but is NOT recommended.

Have more questions for us or ready to start your next project with FenceLine? Reach out to us a fenceline.ca or fill out our contact page today.temporary fence panels

January 14, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Did you know that FenceLine Rentals now offers mini septic and mini vacuum truck services in the Edmonton and Metro Area?

FenceLine vacuum trucks have a 900L to 1500L capacity. We can vacuum septic holding tanks, RV’s, plugged drain lines, standing water and other fluids. Call 780-720-6300 to get a quote, fill out our contact page at https://fenceline.ca/contact/ or email sales@fenceline.ca

vacuum truck
Fenceline vacuum truck used for septic services