dog run

October 11, 2022by Craig Blackburn

Dogs are full of energy, and they like nothing better than to run and run and run! However, you can’t just let your dog out and let him go where he will!  Most communities have some kind of leash laws that require you to keep your dog under control at all times when you’re out […]


April 12, 2023by Partopia Support

<ul> <li>Panel 2.0 MM Wall Tube + 3.0 MM wire with middle bar, hot dipped galvanized</li> <li>Mesh pattern 4" H x 2" W</li> <li>Base electro galvanized 34" x 3.5" x .31" (8mm) plate with solid rod verticals welded top and bottom</li> <li>Panel Set - Comes with 1 x panel, 1 x base & 1 x coupler</li> <li>Panel Set Weight 38.5 LBS</li> </ul>

December 7, 2022by Craig Blackburn

What is that Blue Stuff in Portable Toilets? If you’ve ever wondered about this, the answer is simple. It’s a mixture of chemicals designed to deodorize, stop bacteria growth, and hide what lies beneath the surface! There are generally four types of ingredients in there, a combination of dye, biocides, detergents, and fragrance.   The […]