Winters in Canada are among some of the harshest in the world!  In Alberta, it is common to experience temperatures that average -14 degrees Celsius and an average snowfall of 6.86 cm a month.  If you are working outdoors, these temperatures can prove to be problematic.  It is important to prepare yourself as well as your worksite for the cold weather. Portable toilets are a must for many jobsites.  Being proactive and putting in the work of preparation is key, so, let’s talk about some tips for winterizing your portable toilets.

Winterization Of Portable Toilets

Natural Solutions

Mother Nature can become a beast and present harsh winter conditions.  Instead of only focusing on fighting the weather, though, consider ways that you can use the benefits of nature in order to create solutions for the location of your outdoor portable toilet.  How can nature, or at least the outdoors, provide solutions?


Solar energy is an amazing resource! Try placing the portable toilet in direct sunlight in order to harness the warmth it can provide. If there is no location that can accommodate the crucial need for heat, you might consider a portable heater in the area where the outdoor portable toilet is located. It is important to be certain that these are turned off daily for safety purposes. Having set hours for a heater to be on/ off can create a routine that provides the necessary safety precautions for your environment.


Use a structure- fence or building or even bushes- to create a barrier and decrease wind exposure which can quickly cause temperatures to drop even further. If there is no available structure, you may consider temporarily moving the portable toilet to a temporary indoor location, such as into a garage or shed.


As snow falls, it may begin to surround the base of the portable toilet. Be sure to clear snow from around the area in order to protect the temperature of the liquids and chemicals inside of the toilet. The addition of sandbags around the exterior base can also create a barrier of insulation that can assist in the prevention of freezing the toilet’s liquid.



Just as in warmer seasons, your portable toilets will still need to be serviced to maintain healthy and sanitary conditions.  In order to keep the toilets more equipped for the winter season, there are several options, dependent upon the temperature and availability.

Salty Brine

Just as with roads and being able to drive safely during wintery conditions, salt can be used in portable toilets. Salt reduces the freezing point for liquids.  Adding a salty mixture to the liquid can help prevent solidification of the liquids up to (or down to) a certain point.


Antifreeze can be mixed in with the deodorizing water that is placed in the tank. It works to keep the water liquid and unfrozen in colder climates. All the antifreeze products and other chemicals must be acceptable for disposal at local wastewater facilities.

Chloride Pellet Mix

One of the most effective ways to winterize an outdoor portable toilet is to add a chloride pellet into the toilet bowl solution.  These pellets are able to act as insulation and can withstand temperatures as low as -31 degrees Celsius. While effective, the chloride pellet mix has a one-week lifespan, so be sure that you have requested services accordingly.

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