As with most things in life, successful events start with preparation!  It truly pays to be organized and detailed in your preparations.  Outdoor events are always exciting and deserve the attention to detail that any other event receives.  Focusing on goals, objectives and timelines will help keep the end in mind and be ready by the time of your event date.

Successful Events Start with Fenceline Rentals

In planning, here are some important responsibilities to remember:

  • Event goals and objectives
  • Delegating individual roles and responsibilities
  • Assigning volunteers and providing volunteer training
  • Budget
  • Date of event
  • Event master plan
  • Event location

If your event is a festival, concert, or other community events, then these next items are also important to consider:

  • Event Branding
  • Speakers and special guests
  • Partnerships and sponsorships
  • Promotional, advertising, marketing, and publicity plan
  • Day-of processes
  • Vendor information

No matter if your event is private or public, some other key components to remember in preparing the logistics of outdoors include:

Fenceline Rentals Ltd is here to help you prepare for all your event needs! When it comes to outsourcing and delegating tasks for your event, the last thing you need is unreliable service and communication when preparing for your event. Since 1998, Fenceline Rentals Ltd has been committed to our customers and their needs. We have been told by our customers that we are reliable, affordable, and easy to communicate with. We are 100% committed to helping you plan and implement a successful event.

Temporary Fencing

As an event organizer, crowd control is more important now more than ever. Temporary fencing is an important tool in your management plan to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Renting a fence is a cost-effective and easy solution to transform an open field into a highly organized space with designated entrances, exits, and event spaces. If you have multiple stages or performers scheduled, the fence helps section-off areas, maintain traffic flow, and prevent confusion among guests. Contact us today to learn how we can help. Our team will install the fencing at your location and ensure it is safe and secure before the event begins.

Fenceline Rentals Ltd offers versatile fencing solutions to accommodate any event and every budget.

Portable Toilets

When you’re hosting an event, you want your guests to feel comfortable, even when using the bathroom. For this reason, you can’t resort to subpar portable toilet options that are dirty or smelly. You need the freshest portable toilet rentals available in Edmonton, AB. Luckily FenceLine Rentals Ltd. has them. Our state-of-the-art rental options are outfitted with all the latest features for enhanced sanitation and convenience. We offer event-grade options, ensuring your level of luxury is always met. We’ll help you meet all health and safety standards required by the local regulations. Not to mention, our clean options will keep your attendees happy! Whether you are preparing for concerts, festivals, a wedding, or family reunions, FenceLine Rentals has a clean rental toilet for your event.

You don’t have to worry about guests complaining about the quality of our toilets. We will provide you with only the best rental options at affordable prices, so your event will stay on budget. If you’re planning an event, portable toilet rentals from FenceLine Rentals Ltd. are the right choice. We’ll even help you determine how many units you need with our portable toilet rental calculator.

Portable Hand Wash Stations

While every portable toilet unit is stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, we even offer rentable hand washing stations for the ultimate in outdoor luxury.

A portable hand washing station offers many advantages when you don’t have traditional hand washing facilities in the vicinity. Hand washing stations provide a fast and easy way to sanitize your hands. They’re a visual reminder to sanitize and clean your hands, especially at events where there is food involved. Our hand washing stations are easy to clean and can contain all soap and hand towels in one wash station. These mobile hand washing stations include self-contained single basins and double basins with soaps and sanitizers.

We understand you may have questions about our portable handwashing stations, so our helpful team is here to answer them for you. We’ll help you find the best portable hand wash stations for your needs.

Waste Disposal

An extremely important detail to prioritize for your event must include you’re your guests and what attendees will do with their waste. Fenceline Rentals Ltd offers garbage bin rental, waste disposal, and recycle collection businesses servicing the Greater Edmonton Area. We’re easy to work with, have simple contracts, flexible service, and integrity in all we do. Ultimately, we save you time and money with your garbage bin rentals, waste disposal, and recycling collection needs.

Fenceline Rentals Ltd is here for you!

The rental experts at FenceLine Rental Ltd. help you keep your event safe, clean, and running like clockwork. We proudly provide dependable service for customers throughout the Greater Edmonton, AB Area, including temporary fence rentals, portable toilets, and waste management. We’re your one-stop rental company for weddings, reunions, festivals, and more. Give us a call today to speak with a member of our team about your rental needs. We’ll schedule service for your outdoor space and show you why customers choose us for rentals.