Warm Insulated Toilets

November 27, 2020by Jasen Robalo

We know Alberta winters can be extremely challenging on industrial & commercial construction sites. That’s why our Insulated Toilets are a great solution during the colder months.

These units maintain a comfortable temperature even in the coldest weather! Our insulated units allow for lower labour costs by encouraging crews to stay at site and use on-site facilities as opposed to making regular trips to the gas station, as well as increased morale on site for having top notch facilities available to them.

Did you know that we also have Heated and Enclosed Handwash Stations?  Complete with a 1250 watt heater and light, these units are fully insulated and lockable.

Learn more about these units here (https://fenceline.ca/toilets/portable-toilets/) or contact us directly for a quote!