Portable Toilets Spell Relief

November 8, 2018by Jasen Robalo0

FenceLine Rentals is a dependable supplier of portable toilets and regular on-site servicing covering many sectors, including construction and outdoor events. Whether you need to provide toilets for visitors at an outdoor event, to a large construction site, or to a solitary remote security guard, FenceLine can help.

There are many advantages associated with the use of portable toilets in a variety of circumstances:

Versatility: A portable toilet can be easily transported to and placed in a variety of locations. A flat surface is all that is needed. We also have crane units available for high-rise construction projects. Once there is no longer a need for a portable toilet, it can be removed from a location and stored until needed again.

Convenience: Portable toilets provide a convenient way of supplying a bathroom and maintaining a pleasant hygienic atmosphere for construction workers and crowds at outdoor events alike. Whether you are hosting a wedding, a sports tournament or outdoor special events, having a portable toilet will ensure the comfort of your guests.

Under many circumstances, portable toilets are the most affordable way to accommodate employees and visitors.


Ease of use: Many venues that have traditional bathrooms may not have enough toilets to accommodate crowds present for a large event. Portable toilets fill in the gap and ensure that the traffic at traditional bathrooms is not overwhelming during a large event.

Accessibility: As a company aware of mobility rights, we make sure that there are always wheelchair accessible toilets available with each order that is placed. Mobility rights are something we support and take very seriously.

Cost Effectiveness: Under many circumstances, portable toilets are the most affordable way to accommodate employees and visitors. The portable toilet is also a cost effective alternative to building traditional toilets.

Overall, a portable toilet can serve the purpose of providing convenience, versatility, and reducing foot traffic congestion. FenceLine Rentals has a wide range of portable toilets available.

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