FenceLine Fence Systems

Temporary Fence Rentals & Sales in Edmonton, AB

FenceLine Rentals Ltd. offers premium fencing solutions that allow you to fence your construction site or create a custom dog run, kennel, or animal enclosure at your Edmonton, AB property. We sell new and used fence panels and parts and can accommodate any type of project. We can ship the fence to your site or our team will even install the fencing at your location, ensuring that it is safe and secure before the event begins. We sell our fence to anywhere in Alberta or in Canada and have a great selection to heavy-duty fence and economy grade fence.


FenceLine sells the same high-quality fence systems used in our rental fleet, backed by a warranty you can trust.

Always in Stock

Heavy duty or economy grade, FenceLine always has the product you need in stock. We carry the largest inventory of temporary fence in Western Canada.

We Ship Across North America

Outside of Alberta? No problem. When fast fence shipping matters, we can same-day ship your purchased fence anywhere across Canada and the US.

Backed by Warranty

Warranties are virtually unheard of in the fencing industry. With FenceLine you can rest easy knowing your fence is backed by the industry’s leading warranty.


Fencing Solutions for All Applications

There are many instances where temporary fencing is necessary. Perhaps you’re starting a construction project and want to keep your site secure. Maybe you’re hosting an event and need a way to manage crowds and foot traffic. Whatever the reason, FenceLine Rentals Ltd. has a temporary fencing application to meet your needs. We offer temporary fence rentals and sales in Edmonton, AB, and the surrounding areas, providing our clients with the highest-quality product and unmatched customer service. Whether your fencing needs are big or small, we have the right equipment to meet them, even offering additional security features and gates. Contact our team today to learn more about our rental options.

Protect Your Construction Project

When working on a building project, you need to keep the site secure, only allowing in those who are authorized to be there. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do so is with temporary fencing. At FenceLine Rentals Ltd., we offer a range of temporary fencing options in Alberta to meet the needs of your project. All fencing panels are 10 feet long, but you have the option to choose the height of your fence from our four, six, or eight feet options. Each rental option can be equipped with additional safety products and security accessories to ensure your site containment solution meets your requirements. With a temporary fencing solution from FenceLine Rentals Ltd., you can rest assured your site will be adequately secured and safe at all times.

Manage Crowds at Your Outdoor Event

Outdoor concerts, arts festivals, and more can draw hundreds and even thousands of attendees. As an organizer, you need a way to control entry and exit into the event and help the flow of foot traffic. Temporary fencing is the best way to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. This easy solution can transform an open field into a highly organized space with designated entrances, exits, and event spaces. Not to mention, if you have multiple stages or performers planned, fences help to section off certain areas, containing crowds and preventing confusion of guests. At FenceLine Rentals Ltd., we have a fencing solution to ensure your event runs smoothly. Our team will even install the fencing at your location, ensuring that it is safe and secure before the event begins. Get more information about our temporary fence rentals by checking out our frequently asked questions.

Create Outdoor Dog Runs

Dogs need outdoor time. It’s a chance for them to get fresh air, exercise, and burn off some energy. Unfortunately, we don’t all have fenced-in yards to keep our pets contained while they get some much-needed time outside. In these instances, having a dog run is the perfect solution. FenceLine Rentals Ltd. offers premium fencing solutions that allow you to create a custom dog run, kennel, or animal enclosure at your Edmonton, AB property. Whether you need a temporary dog fence to contain your pets while you complete renovations on your property, or you want to create a permanent secure area for your pets to enjoy the weather, we’re able to provide the materials you need. We offer rental or purchase of dog runs in new and used.

Why Choose FenceLine Rentals Ltd?

When you’re searching for a fencing solution for your application, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You want to choose a reliable provider that offers the best fencing products available. FenceLine Rentals Ltd. is the team to choose for all of your fencing needs. Not only do we have the right products, but we also have a team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals to back it up. Choose to work with our team for all of the following reasons:

• Unmatched Service: At FenceLine Rentals Ltd., we’re known for our “anytime, anywhere in Alberta” promise. We’re always ready to help you with the fencing solution you need, whether you require delivery to your site or prefer to pick it up yourself.
• Incredible Value: We work to help our customers find a solution for their fencing needs regardless of the size of their budget. That’s why we offer a selection of new, used, heavy-duty, and economy fence panels. We have an option for every budget.
• Customized Solutions: With a selection of panel options, you can fully customize your fencing solution to your exact needs. Mix and match panels to create the perfect enclosure for construction sites, dog runs, or outdoor events.


Purchase Your Own Fence Panels

Are you regularly completing construction projects? Do you want to create a dog run on your property for year-round use? FenceLine Rentals Ltd. has the option to purchase your own fence panels for you to use whenever you need them. The best part is, when you buy fence panels from us, we’re able to customize them in any color. This gives you the freedom to create the exact look you want. If you’re interested in either our temporary fence rentals or sales in Edmonton, AB, please contact us today for additional information.