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April 26, 2023by Partopia Support

Are you planning a construction project or an outdoor event that requires crowd control and safety measures? Then temporary fence rental is the perfect solution for you! With affordable and flexible options available, securing your site has never been easier.

Plus, it’s not just about keeping people out; these fences can also protect valuable equipment from theft and vandalism. In today’s world, security should always be top of mind – whether you’re organizing a concert, setting up a festival booth, or managing a construction site.

Temporary fencing allows you to create a barrier around your space without breaking the bank. So let’s dive into how renting reliable temporary fencing can help secure your site while providing peace of mind for everyone involved.

Exploring The Benefits Of Temporary Fencing

One major advantage of temporary fencing is its versatility. Rental fencing can be easily installed and removed, making it an ideal solution for various applications such as construction sites, outdoor events, or even disaster relief efforts. The ease of installation allows you to quickly secure your site without committing to a permanent structure that may not suit future needs.

Another key benefit of temporary fencing is improved site security. Whether it’s event fencing designed to control crowd flow or construction fencing aimed at keeping unauthorized personnel out, this type of barrier provides peace of mind knowing that your property and assets are protected. Additionally, rental fences can also deter potential thieves or vandals from targeting your site due to increased visibility and perceived difficulty in accessing the area.

Temporary fencing solutions are also cost-effective compared to their permanent counterparts. As they’re available on a rental basis, you only pay for what you need and when you need it. This means no long-term investment in materials and labor required for constructing a permanent fence – perfect for those who require effective security measures but want flexibility with budgeting.

The benefits mentioned above make temporary fencing an attractive choice for many situations; however, selecting the best option suited to your specific requirements is crucial in maximizing these advantages. To ensure that your chosen rental fence will meet all necessary criteria while remaining user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to consider several factors before making a decision – which leads us into our next topic: determining the right fencing option for your needs based on individual circumstances.

Determining The Right Fencing Option For Your Needs

Now that we’ve delved into the numerous advantages of temporary fencing, it’s time to consider how to choose the best option for your specific needs. With a variety of fence solutions available in the market, making an informed decision is crucial to ensuring construction site safety and special event security.

Firstly, assess your requirements based on factors such as duration, location, and purpose before exploring different temporary fence solutions. For instance, if you’re managing a construction project with potential hazards or restricted areas, ensure that your choice of fence rentals provides adequate site protection and restricts unauthorized access.

On the other hand, if you’re hosting a large-scale outdoor event like a concert or festival, prioritize crowd control features such as barricades or gated entry points within your selected rental package.

Secondly, evaluate the reliability and customer service offered by various providers when choosing between fence rentals. Reputable companies typically offer flexible packages tailored to suit individual client needs while providing prompt installation and removal services. Additionally, their staff should be knowledgeable about local laws and regulations pertaining to temporary fencing installations so that they can advise you on any necessary permits or legal obligations.

Lastly, take note of additional features or customization options provided by each company. Some businesses may offer specialized materials such as privacy screens or noise barriers designed for residential projects where minimizing disruption is vital. Others might provide add-ons specifically aimed at enhancing special event security like ticket scanning stations integrated with entrance gates.

Having considered all these factors in determining the right fencing solution for your needs, let us now explore one popular choice among many customers: chain link fencing – versatile yet practical for various applications.

Chain Link Fencing: A Popular Choice

There’s a certain sense of security that comes with knowing your property is well-protected, and nothing quite does the job like chain link fencing.

As one of the most popular choices for temporary enclosures, it offers an excellent combination of affordability, durability, and ease of installation.

Whether you need to secure a construction site or establish boundaries at an event space, chain link fence hire provides a reliable solution tailored to your specific needs.

One key advantage of chain link fencing is its versatility in meeting various demands from construction site barriers to event fencing.

Its design allows for easy customization in terms of height, length, and even color – ensuring that your enclosure complements the surrounding environment while providing ample protection.

Additionally, the see-through nature of this type of fencing maintains visibility without sacrificing security.

Another reason why chain link fencing is often chosen as the go-to option for temporary enclosures lies in its cost-effectiveness.

Compared to other materials such as wood or vinyl, metal fences offer superior strength and longevity at a fraction of the price.

Furthermore, when dealing with fence hire companies, you can save on both time and labor costs associated with installation and removal – making it ideal for short-term projects where budget constraints are crucial factors.

As we’ve seen throughout this section, there’s no denying that chain link fencing remains a top choice for securing spaces ranging from construction sites to public events.

With unparalleled adaptability and cost-efficiency on its side, you can confidently rely on this trusted material to meet all your temporary enclosure requirements.

Next up: let’s delve into another important aspect – crowd control barriers designed specifically for events and festivals’ unique challenges!

Crowd Control Barriers For Events And Festivals

Imagine attending a lively music festival or bustling outdoor event without the proper crowd management measures in place. Chaos would ensue, and safety could quickly become compromised. Thankfully, crowd control barriers are an essential component for ensuring that events and festivals run smoothly while also providing security to attendees.

With various types of barrier fencing available on the market today, it’s crucial to choose the right one that caters to your specific needs. Crowd control fencing is designed to provide both physical and visual barriers between different areas within an event space. This type of fencing assists with directing foot traffic, managing queues, separating VIP sections from general admission areas, and even creating secure perimeters around stages or other focal points at large gatherings.

Outdoor event fencing options range from lightweight plastic barricades to heavy-duty steel panels that can withstand significant force – making them perfect for concerts where enthusiastic fans may push against the barriers. Music festival fencing plays a vital role in not only maintaining order but also adding an extra level of safety for all involved parties – including performers, staff members, and attendees alike.

By incorporating strategically placed barrier fencing throughout an event site, organizers can create distinct zones such as food vendor areas, first aid tents, restrooms, and more. These designated spaces help ensure everyone has clear access to necessary amenities while reducing confusion and congestion among guests who may be unfamiliar with the venue layout.

Selecting the appropriate crowd control solution requires careful consideration of factors such as anticipated attendance numbers, venue size and layout, duration of the event, budget constraints, and local regulations regarding public safety requirements. As you weigh these aspects in determining what type of barrier system will best suit your particular needs; remember that temporary fence rental offers flexibility along with cost-effectiveness compared to purchasing outright – which brings us seamlessly into our next topic: renting vs. purchasing – making the best decision for securing your site effectively.

Renting Vs. Purchasing: Making The Best Decision

Imagine the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty when you’re faced with a decision between renting vs. purchasing temporary fence rental for your construction site or event fencing needs. You want to make sure that you’re not only making a smart financial choice but also providing the best protection and security for your project without breaking the bank.

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as it all depends on your unique requirements and circumstances. However, understanding the benefits of each option can help steer you in the right direction towards finding flexible solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Opting for temporary fence rental offers several advantages over purchasing outright. Firstly, renting allows for greater flexibility – should your construction timeline change or unforeseen challenges arise during an event, you can easily adapt by extending or shortening the duration of the rental agreement. Additionally, maintenance concerns are practically eliminated since most reputable providers will handle any necessary repairs or replacements during the period of use. Renting also eliminates storage issues post-event or after completing projects because once rented fences have served their purpose; they’ll be picked up and taken away by the provider.

On the other hand, purchasing may seem more appealing if long-term recurring events or ongoing construction projects are part of your business model. By investing in temporary fencing upfront, you could potentially save money over time compared to repeatedly renting equipment for each occasion. Ownership also grants full control over customization options like branding and color schemes which might enhance visibility and create a cohesive appearance across multiple venues or job sites.

Ultimately, weighing both options carefully is crucial to ensure that whichever path chosen aligns perfectly with your demands while maximizing cost-effectiveness and efficiency at every turn. As you continue contemplating whether temporary fence rentals are better suited to meet your needs than purchasing outright – remember always to prioritize safety alongside budgetary constraints so that whatever solution selected keeps everyone protected throughout its usage lifespan seamlessly transitioning into selecting a reputable temporary fencing company that meets those same standards and beyond.

Selecting A Reputable Temporary Fencing Company

Picture this: a bustling construction site diligently fenced off with safety fencing, or an outdoor event smoothly sectioned by temporary partitions. Achieving such a seamless setup starts with selecting the right company to provide perimeter fencing for your needs.

With so many options available, it’s important to consider key factors when choosing a reputable temporary fencing provider that ensures both crowd safety and ease of use.

One essential aspect to examine is the range of barrier solutions offered by the company. A diverse selection indicates their experience in handling various situations and adapting to different requirements. Look for providers who can cater to numerous scenarios like construction sites, events, emergency responses, and even residential applications. This versatility speaks volumes about their ability to tailor-fit their services according to customer demands.

Next, evaluate the quality of their products and materials used in constructing the fences. High-quality materials not only increase durability but also contribute significantly towards effective crowd control and safety on-site. Research whether they comply with relevant industry standards and regulations in terms of design specifications and structural integrity. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or request case studies demonstrating successful implementations within similar contexts as yours.

Another critical factor is assessing the level of customer support provided throughout your rental process – from inquiry until dismantling services are completed post-event or project completion. The ideal partner should be responsive, communicative, knowledgeable, and dedicated to ensuring you receive top-notch service every step of the way.

By paying attention to these aspects while searching for a reliable temporary fence rental company, you’ll be well on your way toward securing your site effectively.

With confidence in having chosen the most suitable provider for your needs, we will now shift our focus onto exploring installation and removal services that further enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness during project execution phases.

Installation And Removal Services

Having chosen the right temporary fencing company for your needs, it’s essential to consider their installation and removal services. This will ensure that you receive top-notch service from start to finish, saving time and effort while maintaining safety standards.

Privacy fencing is a popular choice among those who wish to create an enclosed area without sacrificing aesthetics. These fence panels can be easily installed by professionals, providing both security and privacy in one package.

In addition, interlocking fencing offers flexibility in terms of design and layout, allowing you to customize the shape of your enclosure as needed. Another option worth considering is temporary dog fencing, which ensures your furry friend stays within designated boundaries during events or construction projects.

Safety barriers play a crucial role in protecting workers and attendees alike by preventing accidents at sites such as concerts or sports games. It’s vital to choose a reliable provider with experience installing these types of fences correctly to avoid any potential hazards.

When selecting a company for this task, look for evidence of previous successful installations and satisfied customers who can vouch for the quality of their work.

Before wrapping up the process, remember that customization options are available if you’d like added functionality. For instance, some companies offer branded banners on their fence panels or additional features like gates for easier access control. By exploring these possibilities with your chosen provider, you’ll achieve a more tailored solution that meets all your requirements.

Customizing Your Fence For Added Functionality

Portable fencing offers a wide range of customization options that can enhance its functionality for your specific needs. One option is to add barricades, which provide an additional layer of protection and control. Barricades are perfect for managing large crowds at events or keeping unauthorized personnel away from construction sites. They ensure the safety and security of both people and property while maintaining an organized environment.

Another useful addition to portable fencing is hazard protection accessories such as warning signs, outriggers, and reflective tape. These features help in highlighting potential dangers associated with the fenced area, making it easier for visitors or workers to identify hazards quickly. This not only enhances safety but also helps prevent accidents due to lack of proper communication about risks present on-site.

Demarcation fencing is another customizable element that can be added to your temporary fence rental solution. It provides clear visual boundaries between different areas within the site, ensuring efficient pedestrian control and preventing confusion among visitors or workers. Demarcation fencing can also contribute positively towards compliance with various regulatory guidelines by clearly defining designated zones like smoking areas or emergency exits.

By customizing your temporary fence rental solution with these additions, you maximize its utility while meeting your site’s unique requirements effectively.

The next section will discuss how you can take further measures to guarantee safety and conformity with regulations through regular inspections and maintenance protocols.

Ensuring Safety And Compliance With Regulations

Ensuring safety and compliance with regulations is of utmost importance when using temporary fencing solutions. Outdoor fencing not only provides a secure perimeter for your site, but also helps manage traffic flow and maintain work zone safety. With various options available such as privacy panels and queue barriers, you can create a customized barrier system that meets the specific requirements of your project.

Traffic management is an essential aspect to consider while planning any event or construction project. By strategically placing outdoor fencing in high-traffic areas, pedestrians and vehicles can be guided safely around your site. Queue barriers are especially helpful during events where crowd control is necessary, allowing attendees to move efficiently through designated pathways without causing confusion or bottlenecks.

Privacy panels offer additional benefits beyond security and traffic management. These panels protect against unwanted onlookers, ensuring confidentiality for sensitive projects or exclusive events. Additionally, they provide noise reduction by acting as sound barriers between the worksite and surrounding area. This feature proves invaluable in residential neighborhoods where excessive noise could lead to complaints from nearby residents.

Investing in reliable temporary fence rental services guarantees both safety and compliance with local regulations.

As we continue to witness advancements in technology and materials within the industry, it’s safe to say that versatile, durable fencing systems will become even more accessible in the years ahead. With this progress comes increased convenience and effectiveness for those seeking adaptable barrier solutions – paving the way for exciting developments in the future of temporary fencing solutions.

The Future Of Temporary Fencing Solutions

Moving beyond the importance of safety and compliance, let’s take a glimpse into what the future holds for temporary fencing solutions.

With ever-evolving technology and increasing demands in various industries, temporary fencing is bound to see significant advancements and growth.

From sports event fencing to film set fencing, these adaptable barriers will continue to play an essential role in providing security and crowd control.

In the realm of sports event fencing, we can expect enhanced materials that are lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions or even rowdy fans.

These fences must be quick to install and dismantle while maintaining durability throughout multiple uses.

As sporting events grow in size and popularity, it becomes crucial for organizers to provide safe spaces not only for participants but also spectators who attend these gatherings.

Similarly, film set fencing needs constant innovation as movie productions become more elaborate with larger sets requiring increased security measures.

Ensuring public road safety near shooting locations is another concern where short-term fencing plays a vital role by restricting unauthorized access during filming periods without causing any inconvenience to locals or passersby.

Emergency situations call for rapid deployment of efficient barrier systems like emergency fencing which can help contain disasters such as fires or floods from spreading further damage.

Short-term fencing options should offer easy transportation and installation features so they can be used effectively in times of crisis.

As companies develop new technologies catering specifically to this need, we might witness a surge in demand for such products across various sectors including construction sites, utility repairs, or environmental clean-ups.

Overall, temporary fencing continues its evolution towards becoming more reliable and versatile than ever before – ensuring both people’s safety and meeting industry requirements across different scenarios.


In conclusion, it’s clear that temporary fencing offers a wide range of benefits for various needs. Whether you’re managing a construction site or organizing an event, the right fence can provide safety and security while also being cost-effective and flexible.

When deciding on your fencing option, remember to consider factors such as rental vs purchasing and customization options.

By doing so, you’ll be able to secure your site effectively and ensure compliance with any applicable regulations.

April 26, 2023by Partopia Support

There’s no denying that securing your construction site, event area or any other temporary space is a top priority. And let’s face it – traditional fencing options can be expensive and inflexible in terms of set-up and removal. That’s where temporary fence rental solutions come into play!

By opting for this more affordable and adaptable option, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your site is protected without breaking the bank.

So what exactly do these temporary fencing rentals entail? You’re about to find out!

In this article, we’ll dive into the various types of temporary fences available for rent as well as their benefits and applications. We’ll also explore how easy they are to install, remove, and even customize based on your specific needs.

Whether you’re planning a large-scale concert or simply need some extra security around your property during renovations, there’s sure to be an ideal solution for you. So let’s get started!

Advantages Of Renting Temporary Fencing

One of the significant advantages of renting temporary fencing is its cost-effectiveness. Construction sites, events, and other projects often require a certain level of site security and protection for a limited period. By choosing rental fencing instead of purchasing it outright, businesses can save on upfront costs while still maintaining an effective barrier to protect their assets.

Another benefit of temporary fence solutions is the flexibility they offer. Rental fencing can be easily adjusted or relocated as needed to accommodate changes in project scope or site layout. This means that if your needs change over time, you won’t be stuck with permanent fencing that may no longer serve its intended purpose. Instead, you’ll have the ability to modify your site security measures quickly and efficiently.

In addition to affordability and adaptability, temporary fencing allows for better control over site access. With proper installation and placement, rental fences create clear boundaries and entry points for authorized personnel only. This ensures that only those who should be on-site are granted access, reducing risks associated with unauthorized entry such as theft or vandalism.

As we’ve seen so far, there are numerous benefits to using temporary fence rentals for your site protection needs – from cost savings to increased flexibility and controlled access.

Next up, let’s explore some popular types of temporary fencing available to help you choose the best solution for your specific requirements.

Types Of Temporary Fencing Available

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of renting temporary fencing, it’s essential to explore the variety of options available on the market.

There are several types of temporary fences designed for specific purposes and settings, ensuring that your site remains secure and safe without breaking the bank.

Whether you need construction fencing or event fencing solutions, this section will introduce you to some popular types of safety fencing perfect for various situations.

Construction sites often require robust and durable fence rentals to protect workers, equipment, and passersby from potential hazards.

One common choice in this scenario is chain-link construction fencing.

This type of short-term fencing provides an excellent balance between affordability and durability while offering easy installation and removal.

Chain-link fences can be customized with privacy screens or windscreens as needed, making them a versatile option for various projects.

On the other hand, event organizers may prefer more aesthetically pleasing yet functional temporary fence rental solutions like crowd control barriers or decorative panel fences.

Crowd control barriers are portable metal barricades typically used at concerts, festivals, sporting events, or any gathering where managing foot traffic flow is crucial.

These barriers not only provide security but also maintain organization within a venue by guiding attendees through designated paths during an event.

For those seeking both functionality and visual appeal for their short-term fencing needs, decorative panel fences may be the ideal solution.

Often made from vinyl or wood materials resembling picket fences, these panels create an attractive perimeter around outdoor weddings, upscale gatherings, corporate functions, or even garden parties – all while maintaining security and privacy within the area.

With numerous styles and designs available in today’s marketplace catering specifically to different occasions’ requirements; finding suitable options should pose no challenge whatsoever!

As we move forward into determining your precise individualized needs when it comes to selecting appropriate temporary fence types, rest assured knowing there exists countless viable alternatives just waiting exploration right now..

Determining Your Fencing Needs

Picture this: you’ve just begun a new construction project, or perhaps you’re hosting an outdoor event – whatever the case may be, you know that securing your site is essential.

As you consider temporary fence rental options, it’s important to determine what kind of fencing will best suit your needs. By carefully assessing these factors, you can ensure that your secure site remains both affordable and flexible.

To start determining your fencing needs, first take into account the size and layout of your property. Temporary fence rental companies offer various panel sizes and configurations so identifying how much space needs to be enclosed will help guide your choice in affordable fencing options.

Additionally, think about any specific entry points or restricted areas within the site – incorporating gates or additional barriers where necessary ensures maximum security while maintaining easy access for authorized personnel.

Next, evaluate potential risks surrounding your site; are there environmental factors such as uneven terrain or high winds that could impact stability? If so, flexible fencing solutions like wind braces or weighted stands might prove beneficial in keeping your fences upright under harsh conditions.

Furthermore, if theft or vandalism is a concern at your location, selecting more durable materials like chain link or steel panels should be considered when determining fencing needs.

By taking all of these aspects into consideration, not only will you have thoroughly assessed the unique requirements of securing your area but also set yourself up for success with a tailored approach to protecting it.

With a clear understanding of what type of temporary fence rental solution works best for you in place, it becomes easier to explore customizing options available for optimal security on-site… which brings us seamlessly onto our next topic: making sure every element of protection has been thoughtfully planned out by choosing the right add-ons and features specifically designed for each situation.

Customizing Your Fence For Optimal Security

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll experience knowing that your site is not only protected, but also optimized for security with temporary fence rental solutions. It’s essential to choose affordable and flexible fencing options that can be customized according to your needs in order to provide optimal security for your property or event. Let’s explore how customizing your fence can contribute greatly towards ensuring a safe environment.

One crucial aspect of customizing fence rentals lies in selecting the appropriate height and material based on your specific requirements. Temporary fence rental solutions offer various materials such as chain-link, mesh fabric, and even sturdy plastic barricades. These flexible fencing options allow you to choose what best suits your location and purpose while still maintaining affordability.

Furthermore, opting for taller fences or adding privacy screens may deter intruders, keeping the premises secure. Another advantage of customizable temporary fence rental solutions is their ability to adapt to different terrains and layouts. With features like ground poles or weighted bases, these fences can easily accommodate uneven grounds or areas where traditional fencing structures might struggle.

Moreover, by strategically placing gates at key access points within the perimeter, you effectively control foot traffic flow—ensuring authorized personnel are granted entry while keeping unwanted visitors out. Beyond physical barriers, integrating advanced security measures enhances protection levels further. For example, coupling surveillance cameras with well-lit fenced areas ensures better visibility during nighttime hours; this ultimately deters potential trespassers from attempting unauthorized entry into secured sites.

Implementing these additional layers of precautionary measures will help ensure optimal security for any given situation. As we’ve seen so far, investing time in customizing your temporary fence rental solution pays off immensely when it comes to providing robust protection against external threats.

In the next section, let us delve deeper into understanding the installation and removal process associated with these convenient yet effective barrier systems.

Installation And Removal Process

The installation and removal process of temporary fence rental solutions is designed to be quick, efficient, and hassle-free. It starts with selecting the appropriate fencing option that best fits your site’s specific requirements.

From there, our team will work closely with you to determine the most effective layout for securing your site while ensuring minimal disruption to your ongoing operations. Our skilled technicians are trained in a variety of affordable and flexible fencing options, which allows them to proficiently handle any fence hire scenario.

The actual installation typically involves setting up sturdy base blocks, connecting panels securely using specialized clamps or brackets, and attaching gates as needed. Additionally, we ensure that all fences comply with local regulations and industry standards so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your site is well-protected.

Upon completion of your project, the removal process begins just as seamlessly. Our team efficiently dismantles each section of fencing while taking care not to cause any damage to surrounding areas. All components are then loaded onto transportation vehicles for return or storage until their next deployment.

This service ensures that you’re left with a clean slate once your temporary fence rental solution has served its purpose. With proper planning and execution during both the installation and removal phases, these fencing options provide an excellent way to secure your site without breaking the bank or causing undue inconvenience.

By choosing us for your fence hire needs, you’ll benefit from our commitment to quality service every step of the way – leaving more time for you to focus on what truly matters: completing your project successfully. As we move forward in discussing how our services can help protect your worksite, let’s delve into safety considerations for your site.

Safety Considerations For Your Site

It’s essential to recognize that temporary fence rental solutions play a significant role in ensuring site safety. By providing secure barriers, you not only protect your valuable assets but also safeguard the well-being of workers and visitors on site. With affordable and flexible fencing options available, there’s no excuse for compromising on security and safety considerations when planning your project.

One major aspect of site safety is choosing the right type of temporary fencing for your specific needs. Various factors, such as location, nature of work, expected foot traffic, and potential hazards should be taken into account before deciding on the most suitable solution. Selecting appropriate materials, heights, and designs will contribute significantly to enhancing overall site security while making it easy for workers to move around safely during construction or events.

Another crucial element to consider when implementing temporary fence rental solutions is proper installation and maintenance. To ensure optimal functionality throughout their use, fences must be installed correctly by experienced professionals who understand both structural integrity requirements and local regulations governing their deployment. Periodic inspections are necessary to detect any signs of wear or damage early on so that prompt repairs can be made if needed. This proactive approach helps maintain high levels of site safety at all times.

Integrating additional features like gates, privacy screens or wind-resistant panels with your rented temporary fencing system further contributes to increased site security without breaking the bank. These enhancements enable more efficient management of access points and crowd control measures within the secured area – an integral component in maintaining orderliness during large-scale projects or gatherings where restricted movement may become necessary due to limited space availability or other constraints faced by organizers.

Managing Access Points And Crowd Control

Managing access points and crowd control is essential for any event or construction site. By using crowd control fencing, you can effectively direct the flow of people, ensuring their safety while maintaining an organized environment.

Barrier fencing is designed to provide maximum visibility and durability, making it a popular choice for managing large gatherings and events where crowd safety is paramount. Crowd management requires careful planning and execution, which includes utilizing appropriate safety barriers that meet your specific needs.

To ensure smooth operations at your event or work site, consider factors such as the size of the area, anticipated number of attendees, entry and exit points, emergency routes, and accessibility requirements for those with disabilities when selecting your barrier solutions. Not only do these measures help maintain order among visitors but they also contribute to overall public safety by reducing potential hazards like overcrowding or confusion during evacuations.

Another critical aspect in managing crowds is providing clear signage indicating directions to key locations such as restrooms, exits, first aid stations or designated smoking areas. This helps minimize congestion around these high-traffic spots while promoting efficient movement throughout the venue. Additionally, assigning trained staff members who are familiar with the layout and equipped with communication devices will greatly improve response times in case of emergencies or disruptions.

By strategically placing crowd control fencing along pathways leading up to entrances or separating different sections within a larger space, you create natural checkpoints where security personnel can monitor activity more closely without obstructing foot traffic. As a best practice in enhancing crowd safety and organization further still adhere to local regulations and permits required for holding an event on this scale; doing so demonstrates professionalism while protecting both participants’ well-being as well as organizers’ liability concerns moving forward into subsequent stages of project completion.

Adhering To Local Regulations And Permits

Adhering to local regulations and permits is a crucial aspect of securing your site with temporary fence rental solutions. Before installing any flexible fencing options, it’s essential to research the specific rules and requirements in your area.

This not only ensures that you’re protecting your property legally but also helps maintain good relationships with neighboring businesses or residents.

One key consideration when looking into local regulations for temporary fence rentals is determining whether a permit is necessary for installation. In some locations, permits are required for certain types of fences or if they’ll be installed on public property.

It’s important to understand these stipulations before moving forward with your secure site plans, as failure to comply can result in fines or even removal of the fencing.

In addition to acquiring the appropriate permits, it’s vital to adhere to any guidelines provided by local authorities regarding the design and placement of temporary fences. These may include height restrictions, allowable materials, and safety features such as reflective tape or warning signs.

Following these guidelines not only keeps you compliant with local regulations but also ensures that your chosen flexible fencing options provide maximum security for your site.

By taking the time to thoroughly research and follow local regulations and permitting processes, you can confidently select an affordable temporary fence rental solution that meets both legal requirements and your specific needs.

With this foundation in place, you can now focus on comparing rental prices and providers to find the best fit for your project, ensuring a secure site without breaking the bank.

Comparing Rental Prices And Providers

Now that we’ve covered the importance of adhering to local regulations and acquiring necessary permits for temporary fencing, it’s time to dive into comparing rental prices and providers. This step is essential in ensuring you get the best deal possible while also receiving quality service and products.

When considering various temporary fence rental options, affordability should be a key factor – but finding the most cost-effective solution doesn’t mean compromising on security or flexibility. Look for companies offering adjustable fencing configurations to suit your site-specific needs, whether it’s enclosing a construction zone or setting up barriers at an outdoor event.

Secure site fencing will provide peace of mind knowing that your space is protected from trespassers and accidents.

Comparing rental prices among different providers can help determine which company offers the best value for your budget. Some businesses may have special promotions or discounts available during certain times of year, so don’t hesitate to inquire about potential savings opportunities when reaching out for quotes.

Additionally, consider factors such as delivery fees, setup costs, and any additional charges related to equipment rentals before making a decision.

By taking these considerations into account when evaluating affordable fencing options, you’ll be able to make an informed choice that prioritizes both fiscal responsibility and effective perimeter protection. As you move forward with securing flexible fencing solutions tailored to your specific requirements, remember that planning for future projects requires proactive research and resourcefulness – qualities that will serve you well in navigating upcoming challenges.

Planning For Future Fencing Needs

As you consider the various temporary fence rental solutions available, it’s essential to think about planning for future fencing needs. With numerous secure site fencing options on the market today, project managers and construction leaders have many choices when it comes to selecting affordable and flexible fencing options that will provide security without breaking the budget.

By anticipating your company’s potential growth or upcoming projects, you can make informed decisions about which types of fences are best suited for your specific requirements. One of the benefits of choosing a temporary fence rental solution is its adaptability in meeting ever-changing needs. For instance, if you expect an increase in traffic or activity around your site in the coming months, opting for modular or portable fences might be more practical than investing in permanent structures.

Additionally, assessing how long each project will take helps determine whether short-term rentals or longer lease agreements would better suit your situation. This flexibility allows companies to adjust their plans as needed while still maintaining a secure perimeter. Another key factor in planning future fencing needs involves considering any possible changes to regulations or industry standards that may impact your current setup.

Staying abreast of updates from local authorities and organizations like OSHA ensures that your chosen temporary fence rental solution remains compliant with all relevant rules and guidelines. Knowing this information ahead of time can help avoid costly fines and delays later down the line, allowing you to focus on keeping your workspaces safe and secure.

By taking these factors into account early on during decision-making processes, businesses can enjoy peace of mind knowing they’ve selected appropriate and cost-effective methods for securing their sites both now and moving forward. Investing time upfront to evaluate different affordable fencing options leads to smoother transitions between projects, minimized disruptions due to regulatory changes, and ultimately safer work environments overall – crucial components for successful operations in any industry sector where temporary fences play a vital role.


In conclusion, temporary fence rentals are a cost-effective way to secure your site and manage crowd control. By exploring various fencing options and customizing them for optimal security, you can ensure the safety of both your property and those who visit it.

Remember to research local regulations, compare prices among providers, and plan ahead for future needs.

With all these factors in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision on the best temporary fencing solution for your site.


April 26, 2023by Partopia Support

Are you organizing a public event, or do you have a construction project underway? If so, ensuring the safety and protection of your property is undoubtedly one of your top priorities.

With that in mind, it’s time to consider reliable and convenient temporary fence rental services as an essential part of your planning process. By choosing the right fencing solution for your needs, you’ll not only protect what’s important but also provide peace of mind for everyone involved.

So don’t wait any longer – learn more about these indispensable services today and see how they can help keep your property secure, while allowing for seamless access when needed.

Assessing Your Fencing Needs

Assessing your fencing needs is an essential first step when considering temporary fence rental services. Whether you require site protection for a construction project or a special event, temporary enclosures can provide the level of security and hazard protection necessary to keep your property safe.

Before making any decisions, it’s important to evaluate the specific requirements of your location and purpose. When assessing fencing needs, consider factors such as accessibility, size and layout of the area that requires enclosure, duration of use, potential hazards posed by the environment or activities taking place within the enclosed space, and local regulations governing the installation and maintenance of temporary fences. These considerations will help guide your decision-making process in selecting appropriate temporary fence rental services to meet your unique site protection requirements.

Another aspect to think about when evaluating your fencing needs is whether additional features may be required to enhance safety or functionality. For example, some situations may call for gates with locking mechanisms to control access; others might benefit from privacy screens or wind breaks if they are prone to high winds or located near busy roads where dust and debris could pose problems. Furthermore, depending on the type of activity taking place at your site – such as heavy equipment operation or large crowds attending events – you might need reinforced materials like chain-link fences for added strength and durability.

Once you have thoroughly assessed all aspects influencing your fencing needs, it becomes easier to identify which kind of temporary enclosures will best suit those demands while still providing effective hazard protection. This information lays the foundation for determining how much coverage you’ll need and what types of components should be included in your overall plan so that everything runs smoothly during its intended period of use.

Now that we’ve covered these essentials, let’s move forward to explore various options available when selecting the right type of temporary fencing for your particular situation.

Selecting The Right Type Of Temporary Fencing

Selecting the right type of temporary fencing is crucial to ensure your property’s protection and overall safety. With various options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one that suits your needs.

When considering rental fencing for your site, you must first assess the purpose of the fence and the specific requirements that need to be met. Whether it’s for crowd control at an event or securing a construction site, selecting suitable safety fencing will not only provide security but also maintain visual appeal.

Temporary fencing comes in different materials and styles – from chain link fences to mesh panels, each offering unique benefits depending on their intended use. For instance, if you require a secure barrier for a construction project or industrial site, heavy-duty steel panel fences would be an ideal choice. On the other hand, lighter-weight plastic or mesh barriers are perfect for events such as concerts or festivals where they can effectively manage crowds without compromising on aesthetics. It’s essential to evaluate which material and style best suit your needs before committing to any fence rentals.

Another factor worth considering when choosing temporary fence solutions is how easy they are to install and dismantle. Time is often of the essence when setting up these barricades, so opting for a user-friendly system should be high on your list of priorities. Look out for rental fencing with interlocking features that enable quick assembly without tools or specialized equipment, saving valuable time during setup and teardown processes.

After determining what kind of temporary fencing meets your requirements and ensuring ease of installation, it’s vital to consider additional factors such as price point, durability, local regulations compliance, and availability in your area.

By taking all these aspects into account while making your selection decision, you’ll find yourself better equipped to make an informed choice ultimately leading to greater satisfaction with your chosen product.

Now that we’ve covered some critical points regarding selecting appropriate temporary fencing let us move forward by discussing how you can compare rental service providers efficiently.

Comparing Rental Service Providers

Comparing rental service providers is a crucial step in ensuring that you select the best temporary fencing solution for your needs. When looking at potential companies, it’s important to consider factors such as their experience with construction fencing and event fencing, as well as their knowledge of various barrier solutions. A reputable provider will be able to offer expert advice on which type of fence hire is most suitable for your specific site security requirements.

Another aspect to take into account when comparing rental service providers is their commitment to customer satisfaction. This can be gauged by reading reviews from past clients or speaking directly with current customers if possible. Providers who are dedicated to exceeding expectations will go above and beyond to address any concerns promptly and professionally, making them an ideal choice for those seeking reliable temporary fencing services.

Additionally, ensure the company has adequate insurance coverage and appropriate licenses to operate within your jurisdiction. Not only does this protect you in case of accidents or damages but also demonstrates the provider’s credibility in providing high-quality services.

Keep in mind that companies offering comprehensive site security options should have a wide range of fence hire products available; this variety enables you to select the perfect combination of barriers for your project.

As you continue researching different temporary fence rental providers, remember to prioritize those who provide cost-effective yet efficient services without compromising quality. By doing so, you’ll be one step closer to securing the right partner who offers top-notch solutions tailored specifically for your unique project requirements.

Next up: exploring cost-effective solutions for your project!

Cost-Effective Solutions For Your Project

Imagine completing your project without breaking the bank, all while maintaining safety and security on site. That’s precisely what our cost-effective temporary fencing solutions provide for you.

With a wide range of options including crowd control fencing, portable fencing, perimeter fencing, and more – we have the right fit no matter your budget or requirements.

Not only do these affordable fence rentals help ensure construction site safety, but they can also be tailored to suit various purposes such as public events or residential renovations. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you select the perfect solution that fits seamlessly within your project constraints.

Temporary partitions are an excellent choice for dividing spaces while still allowing natural light and airflow throughout.

Our commitment to affordability doesn’t sacrifice quality in any way. We pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line materials built to withstand harsh conditions, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment will hold up during even the most challenging projects.

Plus, with flexible rental periods available, you’ll never feel locked into a long-term financial commitment when it comes to securing your property.

So go ahead and explore all of our cost-effective temporary fencing solutions today! You might just be surprised at how much value they add to your project while keeping everyone safe and secure on-site.

And speaking of adding value, let’s discuss another benefit: the ease of installation and removal process for our fences that make them truly stand out from other alternatives on the market.

Easy Installation And Removal Process

Having explored the cost-effective solutions for your project, let us now delve into another significant aspect of our temporary fence rental services: the easy installation and removal process. This is a crucial factor when it comes to protecting your property and ensuring safety during construction or events. Our team has streamlined this procedure to provide you with an efficient and hassle-free experience.

One major advantage of our temporary fence rental services is that they feature interlocking fencing systems. These components are designed to be quickly assembled and disassembled without causing damage to the surrounding area or requiring specialized tools.

In addition, our knowledgeable staff will gladly guide you through the installation process, ensuring that your fencing is properly set up while keeping in mind any specific requirements or preferences you may have.

The convenience of the easy installation and removal process goes beyond just speed; it also allows for flexibility in placement and configuration of your temporary fencing solution. As your needs change throughout the course of your project or event, so too can the arrangement of your protective barrier. The ability to adapt on-the-fly ensures that no matter what challenges arise, you’ll always have a reliable way to protect your property and ensure safety at all times.

As we continue discussing how our temporary fence rental services cater to various aspects of protection and security, it’s important not to forget their role in helping clients adhere to local regulations as well. With strict guidelines governing many industries today, having a fencing system that complies with rules becomes essential – which brings us seamlessly onto our next point: ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Ensuring Compliance With Local Regulations

One crucial aspect of temporary fencing is ensuring compliance with local regulations. Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be specific rules in place for the installation and maintenance of chain link fencing, barrier fencing, or other types of safety barriers. These guidelines are established to maintain work zone safety and protect both workers and the general public from potential hazards.

For construction site barriers, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the requirements set forth by your local government or regulatory agency. This may include proper height specifications, installation methods, visibility standards, and signage. Adhering to these stipulations not only keeps you in good standing with authorities but also helps prevent accidents and injuries on your property.

In addition to understanding applicable laws relating to safety barriers, it’s equally important to keep up-to-date on changes or updates that could impact your current setup.

Regular inspections should be conducted to ensure all elements of your temporary fence rental comply with evolving regulations. Furthermore, working closely with a reputable provider can help guarantee that their products meet industry standards for quality and durability.

By diligently following local regulations surrounding temporary fences and maintaining a high level of work zone safety, you effectively create an environment conducive to productivity while mitigating risks associated with construction projects.

With a reliable defense system in place, let us now examine how enhancing security measures within this framework becomes our next focus area.

Enhancing Security Measures

Enhancing security measures at your property or event site is a top priority, and investing in temporary fencing services can significantly contribute to achieving that goal.

Privacy fencing not only helps protect sensitive areas and equipment from trespassers but also keeps the occupants safe by preventing unauthorized access. Fence panels provide an efficient barricade system that deters potential intruders while allowing easy installation for any size perimeter.

Crowd safety is another essential aspect of managing a public event such as concerts, festivals, or sporting events. Demarcation fencing creates clear boundaries and designated zones which help control foot traffic, prevent overcrowding, and maintain order among attendees.

Temporary dog fencing is specially designed to keep pets contained within specific areas during outdoor activities, ensuring their safety as well as avoiding disturbances to other guests.

Temporary fence rental services offer numerous benefits for construction sites, residential properties, commercial establishments, and even agricultural lands. These versatile systems are easy to install, dismantle and transport according to changing requirements. Best of all, they provide effective protection without causing permanent alterations to the landscape or obstructing future development plans.

As you consider enhancing security measures using temporary fence rentals, remember there are various customization options for your specific needs waiting just around the corner.

Customization Options For Your Specific Needs

Picture your upcoming outdoor event, bustling with excited guests and brimming with activity. The last thing you want is for uninvited visitors to wander in or for accidents to occur due to a lack of proper crowd management measures.

With our customizable temporary fence rental services, we can help you create the perfect setup that caters specifically to your unique needs while ensuring safety and security. We understand that every event has different requirements when it comes to barricades and outdoor event fencing.

That’s why we offer an array of options such as varied heights, materials, colors, and designs so you can choose the ideal solution for your special occasion. Whether you need barriers for an elegant wedding reception or heavy-duty fences for a construction site, our extensive selection ensures that no matter what type of short-term fencing you require; we’ve got you covered.

Effective crowd management goes beyond merely installing fences around your property – it requires strategic planning and execution. Our experts at temporary fence rentals are here to guide you through this process by assessing the size and layout of your venue along with the expected number of attendees.

We then recommend appropriate solutions like designated entry points, exit routes, and special event security measures tailored specifically to ensure seamless traffic flow while still maintaining orderliness within the premises. As we work together on crafting the optimal barrier system for your space, rest assured knowing our priority remains focused on providing top-notch customer service alongside high-quality products designed explicitly keeping both aesthetics and functionality in mind.

With these elements combined harmoniously under one roof, securing the perimeter becomes not only effortless but also visually appealing – leaving nothing more than anticipation towards hosting a successful event where everyone feels safe throughout its entirety.

Now let’s explore additional services offered by rental companies that cater perfectly toward enhancing overall experience even further!

Additional Services Offered By Rental Companies

Apart from providing reliable and convenient temporary fence rental services, many companies also offer a wide range of additional services to cater to the diverse needs of their clients.

These extra offerings may include:

– Outdoor fencing for construction sites, events, or commercial spaces
– Pedestrian control barriers for crowd management at concerts, festivals, or sports games
– Traffic management solutions like highway barriers and delineators
– Queue barriers for organized lines in public areas such as airports or retail stores
– Emergency fencing following natural disasters or accidents.

Outdoor fencing can be essential in situations where there is a need to create boundaries around a specific area temporarily. This type of service ensures that your property remains protected while you carry out activities within the designated space. Moreover, it helps maintain order and safety during events by restricting access only to authorized individuals.

Pedestrian control and traffic management are vital aspects when organizing large gatherings or managing busy streets. Rental companies provide various types of barriers and equipment designed explicitly for these purposes. By using appropriate devices like pedestrian control gates, barricades, signs, cones, and other accessories offered by these firms, you can ensure smooth movement of people and vehicles without any unnecessary disruptions or safety hazards.

Queue barriers come in handy in high-traffic environments where orderly lines are crucial for maintaining efficiency and organization. Having proper queuing systems in place not only minimizes confusion but also enhances customer satisfaction by reducing wait times.

Emergency fencing options provided by rental companies help secure affected areas after an unfortunate event has occurred – whether it’s due to extreme weather conditions, vehicular accidents or fires – ensuring utmost safety until repairs take place.

Now that we have discussed some additional services offered by rental companies let us move on to discuss tips for having a successful temporary fencing experience with ease.

Tips For A Successful Temporary Fencing Experience

A temporary fencing experience can be much more than just setting up a barrier; it’s about creating a secure and comfortable environment for everyone involved. With the right planning, your fence rental process will not only provide protection but also enhance the overall atmosphere of your event or project. Here are some tips to ensure you have a successful temporary fencing experience.

Firstly, consider privacy panels if you’re looking to create an exclusive space within a larger area. Privacy panels offer opaque coverage that prevents unwanted peeping while still allowing air circulation. These are perfect for VIP sections at sports events or music festivals, construction sites, and private gatherings where maintaining discretion is paramount. Make sure to choose durable materials and sturdy designs in order to withstand various weather conditions as well as potential wear-and-tear from attendees.

In addition to privacy concerns, think about the specific requirements of your event when selecting temporary fencing options. For example, sports event fencing should be strong enough to prevent balls from leaving designated areas while offering clear visibility for spectators. Music festival fencing often requires multiple entry points with proper exit flow and access control measures in place. Disaster relief efforts call for quick installation times along with versatility in adapting to different terrains and needs. Road safety projects may need reflective surfaces or signage built into the fences themselves so drivers remain aware of their surroundings during construction periods.

Lastly, communication plays a crucial role throughout the entire rental process – from initial consultation and setup through teardown and removal after completion of your project or event. Work closely with your chosen fence rental company to discuss all details pertaining to delivery timelines, installation methods, maintenance support during usage, and dismantling procedures once everything wraps up. This ensures that both parties understand each other’s expectations clearly which ultimately contributes towards achieving optimal satisfaction from this practical yet impactful investment made towards securing peace-of-mind in any given situation requiring reliable barriers on site.


In conclusion, it’s essential to carefully evaluate your temporary fencing needs and choose the right rental service provider that offers a cost-effective solution tailored to your project.

Don’t forget to consider easy installation and removal processes, enhanced security measures, customization options, and additional services for a seamless experience.

We hope these tips help you successfully protect your property while ensuring safety today.

Remember, investing in reliable and convenient temporary fence rental services is always worth it in the long run.


December 7, 2022by Craig Blackburn

What is that Blue Stuff in Portable Toilets?

If you’ve ever wondered about this, the answer is simple. It’s a mixture of chemicals designed to deodorize, stop bacteria growth, and hide what lies beneath the surface! There are generally four types of ingredients in there, a combination of dye, biocides, detergents, and fragrance.


Portable Restroom Deodorizer in Edmonton

  • The biocides prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This helps to hold the odors down.
  • The detergents help keep the fragrances uniform, so you don’t smell one thing over another.
  • The actual fragrance masks anything you might not want to smell.
  • The dye is there to make everything turn blue. If you happen to look down into the tank, which we don’t recommend, you won’t see the things that are floating around down there.
  • The blue dye is also used as an indicator of when the fluid needs to be changed. When mixed with too much urea, the main ingredient in urine, the liquid turns green. Fortunately, most portable toilet companies are able to service the units before it reaches that point.

The History of Blue Liquid and Portable Restroom Deodorizer

In days of old, before toilets were invented, people used outhouses. These outhouses consisted of a shelter that would provide privacy and protection from the weather and a bench with a hole in it. This was placed over a hole in the ground where the wastes were deposited. When finished, the user would sprinkle some lye into the hole. The lye was meant to cover up the smell, but when mixed with urine, it creates ammonia. The strong smell of the ammonia was unpleasant, but since flies didn’t care for it, it seemed a good solution.

In addition to the smell, the lye has a special reaction when it comes into contact with human feces. It raises the pH of the waste which slows down decomposition while absorbing liquid. This reaction forms a kind of crust that help keep down the odor.

A big problem with lye is that it can burn human skin. Users had to be very careful not to spill any lye on the seat. Lye isn’t used for this purpose anymore.

Today, some people who live “off the grid” still use outhouses. Rather than using lye as mentioned above, they cover the waste with sawdust or wood ash. This process is similar to composting food scraps, but they use it for human waste.

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets have been around since the 1940s. They were first developed in shipyards to solve a problem. When the shopfitters needed to relieve themselves, they would have to leave their ships and walk all the way back to the restrooms on the dock. This was an inconvenience to be sure, but it also meant that they were spending less time on the job. The solution was to build some portable toilets closer to the work being done, save them the long walk, and thus increase productivity.

The first portable toilets were made of wood or metal. They were heavy, smelly, and hard to clean. The main chemical ingredient used in these early portable toilets was formaldehyde, which is also used for embalming bodies. Formaldehyde is good for killing most bacteria and fungi, and the smell keeps the flies away, but it’s not a good idea for use in chemical toilets.

Formaldehyde is a chemical compound made of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Within the atmosphere, formaldehyde breaks down rapidly and creates harmful substances such as formic acid and carbon dioxide. When animals are exposed to it, it can make them sick, affect their behavior, appearance, and breeding patterns, and can significantly reduce their life spans. Obviously, keeping formaldehyde out of the environment is important. In addition to all of these effects on animals, formaldehyde interferes with the sewage breakdown processes in sewage plants.

Blue Stuff

Over the years, the science of portable toilets has evolved to where we are now. The toilets themselves have been designed to be lightweight, attractive (sort of), and easy to use. They have simple door locks for privacy and security, and they’re stocked with bathroom tissue of course, but more recently hand sanitizers and paper towels have been added for personal hygiene.

Today’s portable toilets use biologically friendly enzymes in order to help with odors and related health concerns. The liquid itself won’t hurt you if you come into contact with it, and not only is it effective, but it’s also an environmentally friendly solution.

Fenceline Rentals Ltd. has been a locally owned business in Edmonton, AB since 1998, supplying events in the area with temporary fence rentals, portable toilet rentals, recycling services, dog runs, and much more. We continue to expand our products into new markets, and you can always count on us for reliable service. When you work with us, we strive to establish a relationship with you, which we reinforce with value-added solutions for your event needs. Our company believes in giving back to the community, and we actively donate our services to local charities and not-for-profit organizations every year. If you’re looking for a rental company with a dedication to safety and complete customer satisfaction, put your trust in FenceLine Rentals, Ltd. We have the products you need to keep your events running smoothly. For more information, visit our website, or call us at 780-720-6300

December 7, 2022by Craig Blackburn

When planning a large event such as a family reunion, garden party, music festival, or parade, there is a multitude of details to consider. How many people will be attending? How much food and drink will I need? What activities do you need to include? Do I need a permit from the local jurisdiction? What about parking? The list goes on and on.

Portable Toilets

While you’re working on all of that, don’t forget to think about sanitation. You may need to use portable toilets to accommodate all of the attendees. There are some very good reasons why portable toilets are a good solution to this problem.

Portable Toilet Rental in Edmonton

  • Portable toilets are sanitary and safe. You can depend on the rental company to deliver clean, secure, and self-contained toilets.
  • If your event is in an area without sufficient public restrooms, portable toilets are the solution to allow the attendees easy access to sanitary facilities.
  • Portable toilets eliminate the need for long lines at the restroom, and it’s easy to add more toilets as needed.
  • The cost of setting up portable toilets is surprisingly reasonable.
  • Handicap accessibility-Portable toilets are available in special models to accommodate those with disabilities.
  • Compliance with local regulations-There may be certain local regulations in regard to portable toilets. Specifically, there may be required permitting, rules regarding how many toilets you need to have for a certain size crowd, specific guidelines for how long you can leave them up, or how often you would be required to have them serviced.

Handwashing Stations

Since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic, there’s been an emphasis on hygiene and in particular, frequent washing of hands. Many of us learned how to use hand sanitizer for the first time, and it seems that rubber gloves are always in great demand. Enter the portable hand washing station.

If you’ve planned an outdoor event, handwashing stations offer you the opportunity to provide the attendees with fresh clean soap and water as an alternative to hand sanitizer.

The most common variety of hand washing station uses a foot pump to dispense the water. These stations come with soap and paper towels, and importantly, trash bins for the used towels. There are other models that give the choice of hot or cold water. These units however would need a power source both to build pressure and to heat the water, but they can be used for food preparation, first aid, or anything else that requires hot water.

Sanitation for Construction Sites

Providing sanitation facilities for construction sites is very important. If you’re constructing a new building, adding to an existing structure, or completing a remodeling or renovation of a private residence, you’ll need to provide your workers with portable toilets. Portable toilets will help to keep your job site safe, sanitary, and healthy. Here are some advantages to portable toilets on site.

Client privacy-If you’re working on a private residence, you won’t want your workers to be asking the residents for the use of their bathroom, as the client likely wouldn’t want workers going in and out of the house. The use of portable toilets eliminates this problem and makes your company look more professional.

Convenience-Your workers should be able to use the restroom when they need to, and they shouldn’t have to go looking for a public restroom. By having a portable toilet on site, they are able to take care of business and return to the job.

Productivity-Portable toilets were first used in shipyards. The workers would have to go all the way back to the dock to use the restroom, and the time they spent walking back and forth was time wasted. Portable toilets were then developed to allow them restroom breaks and a quick return to work, resulting in increased productivity.

Environmental concerns-Portable toilets are self-contained. The wastes from portable toilets are carried away to treatment plants, and this keeps those wastes from entering storm drains or groundwater. In addition, because they’re not flush toilets, portable toilets conserve a considerable volume of water.

Hand Washing Stations for Construction Sites

Handwashing stations allow construction worker to clean their hands before or after using a portable toilet, or more frequently if needed. They can reduce the risk of health issues which will mean fewer illness-related absences and greater productivity. In addition, providing your workers with handwashing stations tells your employees that you care about their health and welfare.

Fenceline Rentals Ltd. has been a locally owned business in Edmonton, AB since 1998, supplying events in the area with temporary fence rentals, portable toilet rentals, recycling services, dog runs, and much more. We continue to expand our products into new markets, and you can always count on us for reliable service. When you work with us, we strive to establish a relationship with you, which we reinforce with value-added solutions for your event needs. Our company believes in giving back to the community, and we actively donate our services to local charities and not-for-profit organizations every year. If you’re looking for a rental company with a dedication to safety and complete customer satisfaction, put your trust in FenceLine Rentals, Ltd. We have the products you need to keep your events running smoothly. For more information, visit our website, or call us at 780-720-6300

October 11, 2022by Craig Blackburn

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing occupational health and safety standards that must be followed by employers. Labour legislation falls primarily under the jurisdiction of Canada’s provinces and territories. However, the federal Labour Program is the occupational health and safety (OHS) regulatory authority for workplaces designated under federal jurisdiction.

To comply with OHS standards, employers must keep the workplace clean, sanitary, and in good repair to eliminate risks to the health and safety of workers.

Job Sanitization in Edmonton

What is Jobsite Sanitation?

  • Employers are required to provide Jobsite sanitation facilities immediately available to all workers. This includes clean drinking water, toilets, waste bins, and washing facilities.

What Does Jobsite Sanitation Involve?

Jobsite sanitation requires the workers to be provided with the following facilities in order to comply with OHS regulations:

  • Fresh water that is safe to drink and meets the quality standards established by the Minister of National Health and Welfare. Any water sources that are not safe for drinking must be labeled as such.
  • Toilet facilities must be provided for all workers.
  • Washing stations are required at all job sites
  • Waste Bins are also required

Portable Sanitation Requirements on a Job Site

Employers are required to provide toilet facilities for all workers. If no sanitary sewer facilities are available at a particular job site, privies, chemical toilets, recirculating toilets, or combustion toilets must be provided.

The number of toilets required is based on the number of workers at the site:

  • 20 workers or less- one toilet
  • 20 or more workers-1 toilet seats and 1 urinal per 40 workers
  • 200 or more workers-1 toilet seats and 1 urinal per 50 workers
  • Under temporary field conditions, not less than one toilet must be available.

If workers are doing any painting, coating, herbicide or insecticide spraying, or any other construction tasks where contaminants may harm them, washing stations must be provided and must meet the following requirements:

  • Each washing station or lavatory must have hot and cold running water or tepid running water
  • Each washing station must have hand soap or similar products. Some work types may require specialized personal cleaning products.
  • Each washing station must have individual hand towels, warm air blowers, or clean individual sections of continuous cloth toweling.
  • Waste bins are also required on every job site, again to keep the work areas safe and clean.

Benefits of Jobsite Sanitation

Jobsite sanitation provides many benefits to workers as well as to employers:

  • Healthy environment-Jobsite sanitation will ensure that all waste is held in one area of your job site and regularly removed by the toilet providers.
  • Employee Satisfaction-Brief bathroom breaks are accommodated by having a sufficient number of portable toilets onsite. This helps the employees to finish their work in a timely manner and without added hassles.
  • Enhanced Productivity-It’s been proven that happy employees are more productive. Having an adequate supply of toilets, washing stations, and potable water makes for a more pleasant working situation.

Why Choose Fenceline Rentals Ltd?

  • Fenceline Rentals Ltd has been serving the Edmonton area for over 20 years.
  • When you choose our company for your Jobsite sanitation needs, you’re choosing a large local company that can provide the smallest or largest job sites with all of the sanitation supplies and equipment needed.
  • We will work with you to ensure that your job site is clean and sanitary and is in compliance with all health and safety regulations.
  • We have earned a solid reputation in the area, and many of our customers have been using our services for 10 years or more.
  • We have over 800 active ongoing projects, but we are able to provide our customers with the personal attention each one deserves.
  • We believe in giving back to the community that we serve, by donating $ 30,000 in services every year to local nonprofits and charities.
  • Whatever your needs, we have a rental option to meet them.

Fenceline Rentals Ltd. has been a locally owned business in Edmonton, AB since 1998, supplying events in the area with temporary fence rentals, portable toilet rentals, recycling services, dog runs, and much more. We continue to expand our products into new markets, and you can always count on us for reliable service. When you work with us, we strive to establish a relationship with you, which we reinforce with value-added solutions for your event needs. Our company believes in giving back to the community, and we actively donate our services to local charities and not-for-profit organizations every year. If you’re looking for a rental company with a dedication to safety and complete customer satisfaction, put your trust in FenceLine Rentals, Ltd. We have the products you need to keep your events running smoothly. For more information, visit our website, or call us at 780-720-6300

October 8, 2022by Craig Blackburn

What is a Handwashing Station?

Handwashing stations are quite an invention! A Handwashing station is a portable sink that can be easily delivered to any location in order to have a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly way to wash hands without even requiring plumbing.

For several years now our world and its communities have been isolated and cautious. As we begin to reenter our lives with attention to the requirement of a “new normal” after a pandemic, communities are starting to gather in large groups again.  Concerts, school and sporting events, parties, festivals, and more are returning to the calendars and budgets for many people.  However, health and safety are still a concern for us all, as they should be.

FenceLine Rentals Ltd. would like to help you with your event planning needs. Our team is here to help you think through the benefits of things, such as handwashing stations, and how they may provide the safest environment for your outdoor gatherings.

Portable Hand Wash Stations Rental in Edmonton

Many Advantages of Renting Handwashing Stations

Handwashing stations are an easy and efficient way to ensure that the guests at your event are doing as much as they can to maintain that clean hygiene that will prevent the spread of many germs as well as allergens.

Here are some benefits of handwashing:

  • Ensure Cleanliness and Comfort for all Guests
  • Easily Adaptable
  • Prevent Food Contamination
  • Give your event a good reputation
  • An eco-friendly way to sanitize

Ensure Cleanliness and Comfort for all Guests

Handwashing is one of the best ways to remove bacteria and avoid bacterial illnesses.  It takes less than a minute but can deeply impact the overall health and hygiene of individuals and, especially, large crowds.  Not only bacteria, but allergens are removed when washing hands.  Did you know that in allergens, for example peanut butter, hand sanitizer does not remove the proteins that cause an allergic reaction? For the safety of all your guests, the ability to thoroughly wash hands can be a life-saving technique.

Handwashing should be a habit before and after eating, after using the toilet, after blowing your nose or coughing or sneezing, after touching or feeding animals (are you having a petting zoo at your event), and after touching garbage.

Easily Adaptable

Handwashing stations are highly versatile. These outdoor portable sinks have all the advantages of traditional sinks and more. They can be used in any outdoor event, festivals, parties, concerts, weddings, and even construction. It’s easy to find an outdoor sink that matches your needs. They are the perfect addition for any outdoor event, including.  These stations allow attendees and workers to remain outdoors but have all the benefits of handwashing that is typically provided by indoor plumbing.

Prevent Food Contamination

Improper hand washing is one of the leading causes of food contamination at parties. The germs of one single person can impact many guests at your party or event. Proper handwashing means that those who have gathered can stay healthier throughout the event and even after.

Give your event a good reputation

Let’s face it.  Portable toilets have a negative connotation because of their stereotypical smell.  Do your part in changing the portable experience by bringing a portable handwashing station into the equation.  A fresh and clean handwashing station (outside of a portable toilet) allows the space, smells, and complete scenario for providing that fresh, clean experience.  Hand sanitizer may do some work to reduce the spread of germs, but nothing compares to handwashing!

Ecofriendly way to sanitize

Portable handwashing stations are designed with the environment in mind.  They are durable, portable, and made from recyclable material. They protect and care for the environment by making more effective use of water. Portable sinks have their own tank, which allows them to be self-sufficient and work without connection to the sewage networks. Technicians empty these tanks and then transporting the waste to the nearest treatment plant for its correct treatment. It’s a win-win!

Let FenceLine Rentals, Ltd. Help you with your Handwash Station Needs

When plumbing solutions just aren’t feasible, our portable handwashing stations are here to help rescue you from germs and bacteria! Handwashing stations are effective, low-cost, and ecofriendly.

FenceLine Ltd. wants to help ensure that your location is ready for a team of workers or attendees. Our friendly staff have are based in Edmonton and have served the Alberta area since 1998.

We offer many portable services, including handwashing stations, portable toilet rentals, waste management, and temporary fence rentals and sales.

Our team of experts are able to help you make your next gathering or project be the most successful! Please contact us at 780-720-6300 or look us up online at FenceLine Rentals Ltd. so that we may help you learn about the many options that we provide.

February 23, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Fenceline Rentals is your source for industry designed hand washing stations.

As the exclusive Canadian supplier of CLEANHANDS Portable Handwash Stations, Fenceline provides portable and convenient hand washing systems. Whether for your industrial, construction or education facility, our UV-proof, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grey hand wash stations are durable and flexible for the most demanding of environments.

All three models of CLEANHANDS Portable Hand Wash Stations are easy to fill, drain and clean.

They are:

  • lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • include durable, freshwater, hands-free foot pumps
  • built-in hand holds
  • drain ports
  • labeled filler ports and easy connect drain lines
  • have low basin heights for easy access

With numerous styling options available, there is sure to be a model to suit your unique budget and application.

Hand Wash Station Options:

Square Single Hand Wash Station

The CLEANHANDS Square Single Hand Wash Station is tried and true. At only 10kg, this durable station is light weight and includes contoured handle grooves on each side for easy portability. The streamlined design includes a 60L fresh water tank with foot pump, easy-to-access water tank refill location, and waste water drain. All key components remain easily accessible yet hidden from view.

Size: 21.7” x 10.6” x 37.4”

Basin Height inches: 32”

Weight: 10kg

Fresh Water Tank Size: 60L

Waste Water Tank Size: Not Available

Single Handwash Station
Single Handwash Station

Corner Single Hand Wash Station

When space is tight, the CLEANHANDS Corner Single Hand Wash Station is ready to make a big impact. Designed primarily for portable toilets and corner locations, the sleek Corner Single packs many features in its tiny footprint, including a 60L fresh water tank with foot pump, easy-to-access water tank refill location, and waste water drain.

Size: 21.7” x 10.6” x 37.4”

Basin Height inches: 32”

Weight: 11kg

Fresh Water Tank Size: 60L

Waste Water Tank Size: Not Available

Corner Handwash Station
Corner Portable Handwash Station

Double Hand Wash Station

For facilities where safety and maximum cleaning efficiency are paramount, the CLEANHANDS Double Hand Wash Station boasts all the features of the Super Single with twice the cleaning power. This station puts users at less risk than its competitors with our signature CoughShield* safety barrier. With its smart design, a large 115L fresh water tank and two 85L waste water tanks remain hidden from view and allow for longer service intervals.

Size: 30” x 19.6” x 52”

Basin Height inches: 35.6”

Weight: 31kg

Fresh Water Tank Size: 115L

Waste Water Tank Size: 85L

Double Handwash Station
Double Handwash Station


We can ship any size order to anywhere in Canada.

Our location and hours:

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are open M-F 7 am to 4 pm.

Contact Fenceline at 780-720-6300 or fenceline.ca for more details.

Email ol@fenceline.ca for a quote today.


February 8, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Are you looking for a temporary fence for your project?

Whether your project is commercial, industrial, or residential, FenceLine is sure to have what you need. We have 50,000 ft of the fence in stock and will ship anywhere with same-day shipping to most areas.

We offer two grades of fence panels, heavy-duty and economy grade. Heavy duty is our strongest and best-selling fence. The bases are heavy-duty and 34” long with a 1/4” plate. They are an all galvanized finish and have an easy-to-handle welded wire mesh design with 1” overall profile.

The economical residential grade fence is a lighter grade fence with a nice price point. It is also a durable galvanized finish.

Various fence panel sizes and accessories that FenceLine Rentals carries:

  • 4’ wide x 6’ tall
  • 4’ wide x 10’ tall
  • 6’ wide x 6’ tall
  • 6’ wide x 10’ tall
  • 8’ wide x 10’ tall
  • Custom panels available

Our standard gates are 4’ wide and our fancy 4’ gates include a frame.

Extra accessories we carry include castors for vehicle access gates up to 20’ wide, clips and security clamps. Privacy scrim is sized to fit 6’ tall and 8’ tall fence and is stocked in black or green with 90% opacity.

Temporary Fence can provide safety and security on your job site, creating controlled access for sub-trades and vendors.

A temporary fence can also be used for a variety of residential purposes. It can increase security and help you comply with city bylaw for renovations, new home builds, and demolitions. It is also great for dog runs or keeping animals out of your garden.

FenceLine offers full site services across Alberta and we can ship anywhere in Canada. We will be there when you need us with our same and next-day service promise. 24 hour / 7 days a week service is available for emergencies across Alberta (eg. Fire, flood, weather).

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta.

We are open M-F 7 am to 4 pm.

To reach us Phone 780-720-6300

Check out our Website: fenceline.ca/fence for more details

Or email our sales rep at ol@fenceline.ca

Temporary Fence Panels
Stacks of temporary fence panels

January 19, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Where Can Temporary Fence be Installed?

Temporary fence can be installed on virtually any surface. We’ve safely installed temporary fence on rock, dirt, mud, grass, asphalt and concrete. The only challenge when it comes to installing temporary fence is surface pitch. Ideally you want to have as flat and stable a surface as possible. The steeper the grade, the more complex and unsafe an installation becomes.

What lengths and heights of fence does FenceLine carry?

All our fence panels come in 10ft lengths. We offer three unique heights at 4ft, 6ft and 8ft. We also offer gating systems, fabric scrim, and various safety and security accessories. Our broad range of fencing options, safety products and security accessories ensure you get a customized and comprehensive site containment solution to suit the unique needs of your project or job site.

Can I pick up the fence myself?

Yes, if you prefer you can pick up the fence yourself. Fence alway fits best in an enclosed trailer, or flat deck trailer at least 10’ long. The fence will fit in a 6’ long truck box, but is NOT recommended.

Have more questions for us or ready to start your next project with FenceLine? Reach out to us a fenceline.ca or fill out our contact page today.temporary fence panels