Temporary Fences Ensure Safety in Construction Sites

A commercial construction site in a residential neighborhood is a safety hazard, for children, adults and pets alike. Construction contractors have to follow certain safety codes and one of those is putting up a temporary fencing structure.

Most of us become curious when we see a construction project underway. We come up to the first person wearing a construction helmet and shower them with questions concerning what is being built and who is building it? Where is the sales office? How high will it be? How long will it take and so on… Those questions by the curious onlookers who cross over onto the construction site are not always welcome by the construction team that is trying to get their work done.

For construction companies and managers safety of the workforce and the people circulating the construction site is their top concern. The last thing any construction manager wants is a freak accident occurring on their site.

The main benefits of installing a temporary fence at a construction site are:

  • Guarantees the safety of pedestrians who may be curious or looking for an easy shortcut. Most importantly it protects children who tend to wander around construction sites and hurting themselves.
  • Keeps pedestrians away from areas where heavy machinery is being manoeuvered. It can also close off areas where things can be dropped from cranes. By closing the area where accidents could happen, they eliminate the possibility of anyone getting hurt.
  • Prevent people from falling into construction ditches or be harmed or run over by heavy equipment and machinery.
  • Protection – Construction sites have expensive machinery and materials that could be a target of theft. Setting up the barriers discourages thieves from entry and protects your property.
  • Helps keep traffic organized. Angry drivers or taxi drivers unnerved by the slow traffic of the construction site might try to cut through. The fencing will prevent them from doing so and will keep them in line.
  • Fencing can easily be set up and dismantled.
  • Fencing is sturdy, effective and secure.
  • Variety of sizes and types of fencing available to serve any specific need or project area.

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