What is a Handwashing Station?

Handwashing stations are quite an invention! A Handwashing station is a portable sink that can be easily delivered to any location in order to have a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly way to wash hands without even requiring plumbing.

For several years now our world and its communities have been isolated and cautious. As we begin to reenter our lives with attention to the requirement of a “new normal” after a pandemic, communities are starting to gather in large groups again.  Concerts, school and sporting events, parties, festivals, and more are returning to the calendars and budgets for many people.  However, health and safety are still a concern for us all, as they should be.

FenceLine Rentals Ltd. would like to help you with your event planning needs. Our team is here to help you think through the benefits of things, such as handwashing stations, and how they may provide the safest environment for your outdoor gatherings.

Portable Hand Wash Stations Rental in Edmonton

Many Advantages of Renting Handwashing Stations

Handwashing stations are an easy and efficient way to ensure that the guests at your event are doing as much as they can to maintain that clean hygiene that will prevent the spread of many germs as well as allergens.

Here are some benefits of handwashing:

  • Ensure Cleanliness and Comfort for all Guests
  • Easily Adaptable
  • Prevent Food Contamination
  • Give your event a good reputation
  • An eco-friendly way to sanitize

Ensure Cleanliness and Comfort for all Guests

Handwashing is one of the best ways to remove bacteria and avoid bacterial illnesses.  It takes less than a minute but can deeply impact the overall health and hygiene of individuals and, especially, large crowds.  Not only bacteria, but allergens are removed when washing hands.  Did you know that in allergens, for example peanut butter, hand sanitizer does not remove the proteins that cause an allergic reaction? For the safety of all your guests, the ability to thoroughly wash hands can be a life-saving technique.

Handwashing should be a habit before and after eating, after using the toilet, after blowing your nose or coughing or sneezing, after touching or feeding animals (are you having a petting zoo at your event), and after touching garbage.

Easily Adaptable

Handwashing stations are highly versatile. These outdoor portable sinks have all the advantages of traditional sinks and more. They can be used in any outdoor event, festivals, parties, concerts, weddings, and even construction. It’s easy to find an outdoor sink that matches your needs. They are the perfect addition for any outdoor event, including.  These stations allow attendees and workers to remain outdoors but have all the benefits of handwashing that is typically provided by indoor plumbing.

Prevent Food Contamination

Improper hand washing is one of the leading causes of food contamination at parties. The germs of one single person can impact many guests at your party or event. Proper handwashing means that those who have gathered can stay healthier throughout the event and even after.

Give your event a good reputation

Let’s face it.  Portable toilets have a negative connotation because of their stereotypical smell.  Do your part in changing the portable experience by bringing a portable handwashing station into the equation.  A fresh and clean handwashing station (outside of a portable toilet) allows the space, smells, and complete scenario for providing that fresh, clean experience.  Hand sanitizer may do some work to reduce the spread of germs, but nothing compares to handwashing!

Ecofriendly way to sanitize

Portable handwashing stations are designed with the environment in mind.  They are durable, portable, and made from recyclable material. They protect and care for the environment by making more effective use of water. Portable sinks have their own tank, which allows them to be self-sufficient and work without connection to the sewage networks. Technicians empty these tanks and then transporting the waste to the nearest treatment plant for its correct treatment. It’s a win-win!

Let FenceLine Rentals, Ltd. Help you with your Handwash Station Needs

When plumbing solutions just aren’t feasible, our portable handwashing stations are here to help rescue you from germs and bacteria! Handwashing stations are effective, low-cost, and ecofriendly.

FenceLine Ltd. wants to help ensure that your location is ready for a team of workers or attendees. Our friendly staff have are based in Edmonton and have served the Alberta area since 1998.

We offer many portable services, including handwashing stations, portable toilet rentals, waste management, and temporary fence rentals and sales.

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